Saturday, August 20, 2011

6th Day of Exercise - (Korea) Day 264

The "IR" or "Subdued" flag insignia. This is part of the uniform during the exercise.
Normally only soldiers who have been deployed have these, we had to be issued these on the
second day of the exercise. It is worn in place of the colored American flag on the right shoulder.

Work call this morning was 0430 once again. My body did not want to get up this morning, I think it knew it was a Saturday and was just not cooperating. I moved quite a bit slower, but still made it on time. I picked up the augmentees at tent city and then loaded our SUV as usual and our convoy took off. Once at CP Tango we setup for a morning meeting and I did my morning ritual of checking my email and drinking my coffee. My NCOIC decided that it would be a good idea if I teach a class. Sergeant's time training will be me teaching a class on the semi-centralized promotion system. The class will be held next Tuesday (during the exercise) and my students will consist of just my NCOIC…lol. I'm not sure how well that will work out because it seems the SACO from our office is always calling her back to her laptop for something anytime she gets up. The good news is that I already have a PowerPoint that my old sergeant sent out explaining all the changes, so I will be able to use that for my "class".

We cleaned up the meeting and then as we were in the office our supply KATUSA called and asked if we had seen his helmet. Evidently he lost it and is freaking out. He is actually scheduled to finish up his service in a couple weeks. If you don't have all your assigned gear, you end up paying for it. We all looked around and I checked with the CP Tango security to see if they had seen anything…nothing yet.

I worked on my schoolwork and then read the news, it was a pretty laid back afternoon. At the end of our shift we cleaned up and also packed up most of our stuff since it is now the weekend. The second shift ran a few minutes late…no surprise there, but somehow SPC Mick missed the convoy coming out…now that was a surprise. Our NCOIC was not very happy about that. They were going to have one of our drivers pick him up when we got back and then return him, but the traffic was pretty bad. There is a bus run from Yongsan to CP Tango, so SPC Mick had to catch one of those.

I found out I have to work a little on Monday. Somehow I think I'm getting the shaft with the work schedule. I come in earlier than anyone else to pick up the augmentees. I stay later to drop them all off. The morning shift was screwed at the beginning of the exercise by working a night shift the first day, then turning around and working the morning shift the next day. Now I find out I have to work in the office on Monday because there was a meeting scheduled…WTF? Everyone else has the day off. At least I don't have to go in early and only have to work a few hours.

I headed back to my room and rested on my bed for a while. I entertained the idea of working out, but decided to just do a longer workout tomorrow after I finish laundry and such. Instead I watched TV episodes and did some SkillPorts. I haven't been able to do too many during this exercise, so this weekend I want to get at least a few in.

I get to sleep in tomorrow!!!!

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