Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Year of the SkillPort - (Korea) Day 207

A typical sight on post. The MPs come out and direct traffic when school is
let out to make sure all the little kiddos are safe.

Work call this morning was at 0730. It was a little earlier so that everyone could help setup for a meeting in the top secret conference room before our sergeant took SPC Mick and Special K to the "electronic range". SPC Mick still needed to get his weapons qualification done and here in Korea the range card given from the electronic range doesn't say that it's from the electronic range, so it can be used as a normal one. I wish I could have done that, it sure beats putting on all the gear and driving for hours to get to a range and then doing a lot of waiting. The electronic range is on post and our sergeant was able to reserve it, so there was no waiting at all. They didn't have to wear any gear, so it's basically like playing a first person shooter video game where your score counts!

After we setup I did SkillPorts of course. I think I'm going to call this year in Korea "The Year of the SkillPort". I currently have around 360 hours and now my goal is around 1200 or so in order to max it out on my promotion points. I'm doing a lot more now than before, so this number should start moving up much faster than before.

We all went to lunch at the KATUSA snack bar, well everyone except our KATUSA which is a little ironic. We brought back lunch for our sergeant and then I worked on some more of the computer inventory. I'm now going to offices in the command group asking about getting this inventory. It's a bit of a pain in the butt. I'm hoping to have it all done by next week.

SPC Roy gave me a call and said he found out where he will be going next….Ft. Campbell. He's not too excited. His branch manager told him "you're going to Ft. Campbell and you'll get some much needed deployment time". That is the same place that SPC Short (the guy I replaced) left to. SPC Roy is leaving around the same time as I am. My NCOIC is trying to get me a list of open slots so when I email my branch manager I can request a few of them. Hopefully I'll get that list soon and then find out where I'll be heading. All this wondering is driving me and my wife a little nuts.

What did I do for the rest of the day you might be wondering….SkillPorts! The hours take about 3 days before they show up on your ERB and then even a few more before they show up on your promotion points worksheet, but at least it's all automated. I would hate to have to go to S1 and get my ERB updated every time I finished a SkillPort class.

We cleaned up and left at 1700. It's Friday, but I don't have any plans. I was notified that my plans for tomorrow (a paragliding trip) were cancelled because of rain in the forecast. Stupid monsoon season!  I just did the usual which is eat dinner in my room and then do schoolwork. I then watched a few episodes of "Game of Thrones". I'm really starting to get into this series. I don't think it's as good as Spartacus, but it does seem like every episode gets better. It takes place in a mythical land where knights, lords and kings roam the land. There is a lot of political fighting and scheming that takes place. It's been pretty interesting so far.

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