Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Way of the Iron Hand - (Korea) Day 191

I guess I found the hang out spot for all the DFAC workers. This is the hill I
walk down to my office. I happened across this bunch after eating my lunch.

This morning we were supposed to go on a ruck march for our office PT. I got up and got ready, loaded my assault pack and headed to the office. I filled up my bottled water and then waited…I checked my phone and saw there was a message sent at midnight stating that we would not be going on the ruck march and that work call is 0830. D'oh! I should have checked my phone before leaving my room!!! Now it's 0530 and I headed back to my room to take a nap before having to getup and get ready for work.

This morning we setup for our normal Wednesday meeting in the secret conference room and I ran the slide shows as usual. The meeting was a little shorter than normal, which I was grateful for because the NBA playoffs were on!! I headed up to my lair and had to flip slides in there for another meeting in our conference room, but that was OK because I could watch the game at the same time. What a game it was! It's been a while since a finals has been so good. It seems like every game is so close and tightly contested. It's been a blast to watch.

I then left for lunch in my room and was able to video chat with my son and then my wife for a while before heading back to the office. The rest of the day was pretty mellow. We met our new NCOIC (Non Commissioned Officer In Charge) today. Our sergeant has been acting as our NCOIC, but technically he is the colonel's executive assistant. He just stepped up to the plate when the previous NCOIC left, which was shortly before I arrived. I'm not sure what has taken so long to fill the spot. In fact I'm not sure why they even need a person in that position to tell you the truth. It seems like a waste of manpower. She was in the office to start training and meet everyone. She's going to train for a few hours this week and I think they said she'll start next week. She seems nice, but I guess we'll see how it goes when she really starts. I'm hoping she is a good NCO…time will tell.

I headed back up to my lair to check in with my new class at University of Phoenix and also check on my SkillPorts. I then got a text from SPC Roy asking why I haven't visited him yet. I didn't know he was back at work. This past weekend he cut the heel of his foot so bad that he's now on a "soft shoe" profile and is taking pain medication for it. (a soft shoe profile lets you wear tennis shoes with your uniform instead of boots). I headed over to his office and he told me the story of how he cut his heal…it's a long story so I won't go into it now, but needless to say it hurts pretty bad.

When I got back to the office I shut everything down in my lair and then headed down to the office to clean up. Sounds like we are going to do the ruck march tomorrow morning at 0530 once again. This time I'll check my phone before leaving!

After I got to my room and changed, SPC Roy called and asked if I wanted to go to the commissary with him. I was going to go this weekend using the bus, but having him drive me is a much better solution. He came and picked me up and I was able to resupply all my groceries for the month. I always love the first week after I go shopping because I have fruit, OJ, cereal & milk, and chips.

When I got back to my room I ate dinner and watched a movie I obtained. It was Bloodsport 2! After watching Bloodsport I was in the process of adding some tags to it in my iTunes library and saw that there are actually 4 Bloodsport movies! Holycow I had never heard of any of them. The movie of course is a B movie, but it wasn't too bad. Lots of fight scenes, and I enjoyed watching it. I wasn't expecting much, so it was a pleasant surprise. A guy in prison gets taught by a martial arts master the way of the "iron hand". He eventually gets out and fights in the kumite as a promise he made to his master.

What I totally forgot about was Apple's WWDC keynote speech I downloaded…D'Oh! I wanted to watch that as well to see all the new stuff that will be coming out. I guess I'll be watching that tomorrow.

the wife

What? I thought the keynote triumph everything else especially Bloodsport 2. LOL!!!!

Thursday, June 9, 2011 - 01:08 AM


LOL I know...I totally forgot that it had finished downloading on my computer. I'm going to watch tomorrow for sure...although I have to say that Bloodsport 2 was a pleasant surprise :)

Thursday, June 9, 2011 - 10:11 PM

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