Thursday, June 30, 2011

Flying By - (Korea) Day 213

The building I work in as the sun is rising in the morning

Work call this morning was at 0830. Today seemed extraordinarily busy. Still just me and Special K running the office. Special K was informed that he rather than SPC Mick will be taking over our sergeant's job once he leaves. So Special K will be the new executive assistant, leaving me, SPC Mick and our KATUSA to run everything else. We only had one meeting today, but it seemed like I was running all over the place. The day seemed to go by quickly though which was nice.

I worked on some SkillPorts in the morning of course, then prepared for the lone meeting that was coming up at 1400. I wanted to make sure we had everything ready to go because it was located over at the top secret conference room and our sergeant wanted to play basketball at lunch. We left to play basketball only to find the gym was being used for a ceremony. What a let down…I headed back to my room and video chatted with my wife while eating lunch.

When I got back to the office we headed over to setup for the meeting, but there was an unscheduled meeting taking place in the top secret room. This left us with a bit of a dilemma, since we had to wait and return shortly before our meeting was to start. This didn't give us much time to setup and as expected people started coming in while we were still setting up and placing name tags and such. Not good. We left and then I did a bunch of office work. I have a number of things (paperwork) especially when SPC Mick and our KATUSA are gone that I have to make sure get done on a daily or weekly basis depending on the item.

SPC Roy came in the office at one point in a panic. It seems because his wife is not command sponsored (he found her and married her here in Korea), she is not on his orders for his next duty station. This means they will not get the additional weight to be moved and she will have to pay for her own flight back to the states.

1700 came quick and I left on time after cleaning up the office. Back in my room I snacked and did schoolwork. The class I'm taking now is all about IT security. This is what I am majoring in for school and something we had to learn extensively in AIT and studying for the security+ certification. I feel much more comfortable in this class compared to my previous class. I am also looking forward to taking a little break before resuming class in the second half of August.

I then relaxed and watched some TV shows, on the menu tonight was Spartacus and a new show I just started checking out called Nikita. It seems very much like a TV Show based straight from the great movie "Point of No Return" staring Bridget Fonda. A young girl in prison sentenced to death has her death faked by a secret agency. They then take her and train her to become an assassin. This TV show is about one of those trained assassins that escapes and is now seeking revenge against the secret agency. We'll see how it plays out.

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