Friday, June 10, 2011

Out on the Town - (Korea) Day 193

A 3 foot long egg role on the left and some awesome soup/stew

Work call was at 0745, why it was so early I'm not sure. We had a meeting at 0830 in our conference room, but we had already setup everything for it last night…all we had to do was turn the system on which takes all of 5 minutes (if that). Anyways we arrived turned everything on and once the meeting started we setup for another meeting in the top secret conference room. I went in my sergeant's office and he had me recite the soldier's creed as well as sing the army song. He then had me answer a few questions before turning me loose.

I tried watching the NBA finals game, but there were a number of interruptions. A call here and there, I'd have to go downstairs to see someone for something…very annoying…don't these guys know I have a basketball game to watch??

Our sergeant bought everyone lunch again at the KATUSA snack bar and after we left our KATUSA asked if anyone wanted ice cream. I said of course before anyone could say no, so he bought us all ice cream from the Korean PX. Special K and I then took the office car and ran a few errands. One of which was supposed to be washing the car, but the car wash was closed…grrrr. We picked up some frames for awards and then headed back to the office just in time to help clean up the meeting in the top secret conference room.

I then had to sign a sworn statement about what exactly I saw yesterday with our two officers and the altercation that happened. I actually didn't see much, but I guess CPT Hooah! got a negative counseling statement from it and he's not too happy. I know he doesn't like his job here and doesn't like how everything operates, but I don't think you can really fight the system. It's like banging your head against the wall.

I have been tasked with basically doing an inventory of all our computers as well as computers in various other offices. A lot of these places I have no idea where they are. Our deputy commander of our office found out he might be able to replace some computers out of a special budget if they are too old and if they are classified, so I have to go around and gather all the information. It's going to take a while, especially if these other offices are not organized.

We cleaned up and left after a quick safety briefing from our sergeant (don't drink and drive, use condoms…etc). I headed to my room and did my schoolwork. SPC Roy called and wanted to go out, so I met him at a gate and we took a taxi to Gangnam, a neighborhood in Seoul that I haven't seen yet. The place was pretty amazing with people all over the place and a number of restaurants and bars. We ate at an awesome restaurant and drank some makkoli (rice wine) because I told him I just can't do soju anymore since I wake up with headaches every time I drink the stuff.

We then headed to Itaewon and went to my favorite bar (The Rock 'n Roll Bar) to have a few beers and play some pool. Before too long SPC Roy wanted to leave and show me another bar he thought I would like. It's called "Woodstock" and he was right, they played good rock music and even had a stage for a live band. Unfortunately we left before the band started playing. We came across a sergeant from the command group and he joined us (I'll call him SGT Mex).

We all headed out to Sinchon which is another university district in Seoul which has a lot of nightlife. We went to SGT Mex's favorite bar called "Ho Bar II". It played a lot of hip hop music and techno music. I had a few beers and had fun watching SGT Mex try to pick up girls, but he got shot down every time. We finally left there and called it a night. I got back at around 0200. What sucks about coming back to the post after midnight is that most of the gates are closed and only the main gates are left open 24 hours a day, this means a lot more walking for me after the cab dropped me off.  I finally made it to my room and was asleep as soon as I hit my bed.

Just a normal night in

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