Monday, June 27, 2011

Jumper - (Korea) Day 210

I'm starting to think that Korean's take customizing their motorcycles
to a whole new level.

Work call this morning was at 0800. When we arrived at work nobody really knew why we came in early. We had absolutely no meetings on the schedule for today. Turns out someone was looking at tomorrow's schedule…D'oh!

With nothing on the schedule I did what I normally do…SkillPorts. First I looked up my promotion point worksheet just to see where I'm at. I think I may start doing this every Monday to see how I'm progressing. My current status is:

Military Education: (Max 260 Points)

Army Correspondence Course Program (ACCP): 365 Hours = 73 Points

So my SkillPorts so far (365 hours worth) equal 73 promotion points. Each SkillPort varies in how many hours it's worth. I just do a section at a time and don't pay too much attention to how many hours each one is worth. I think right now I'm already ahead of most PFCs as far as points go. My goal is to max this portion out (260 Points) before I leave Korea.

I took a break from SkillPorts at 1000 because there was a special UFC event on. I took a break and watched it in our conference control room. It was OK with some average fights until the main event. Our sergeant came up and ended up watching it with us. Two heavy weights (Cheick Kongo vs Pat Barry) duke it out. Barry almost knocked out Kongo and then a second later it was Barry that gets knocked out. It was crazy! All of us jumped out of our seats.

Time for lunch…I headed to my room and video chatted with my wife and texted back and forth with my daughter, I can multi-task! Lunch was over quicker than I wanted, but I had to head back to work…I have more SkillPorts calling my name.

As I was in my office our supply sergeant came in. Our sergeant had asked us to give her no more than $5 each to help purchase a gift for the supply KATUSA who is getting out soon. Our supply sergeant came up and said she got the money, but wanted more. She said there is going to be a BBQ and a farewell for a number of the folks who are leaving our office. She said she will also need us to bring stuff for the farewell BBQ. I told her just to let us know what to bring. It's this Friday and this is the first we're hearing of the potluck and farewell. Our supply sergeant says she feels like she's going around begging for money. I think we have plenty of officers in our office. Their pay scale is public knowledge as is mine, and there is a huge difference between an E3 and O3s and O4s. Maybe they should chip in a little more…I'm just sayin'.

We cleaned up and were let out a little early by around 1645 or so. I ate dinner in my room and had just started a show when my phone rings. It's my sergeant and I can hear him on the phone and outside my door. WTF? He then proceeds to tell me that he came up here to talk to another guy, but kept his lights on when he turned his car off…dead battery. He had me go to the office to grab the office car so I could give his car a jump. When I arrived in the office (in my sweats and a t-shirt) I grabbed the keys. Two officers where still there and just watching me with a curious look on their faces. I stopped for a second to explain. The air force major then said be quick because I shouldn't be driving the office car in the clothes I'm wearing…lol. I took care of the jump, then as I was getting comfortable in my room again SPC Roy calls. He needs company again while translating…lol. I pack up the laptop and head over to his office. I also bring with me some ramen because he's starving. I watch a couple shows and chat with him while he's translating.

This time it wasn't as late, SPC Roy decided to take a break and come back in very early tomorrow to try and finish. It's a huge PowerPoint, but he's gaining ground on it. I get back to my room and check in with school to make sure our project is still making progress, then call it a night. I'll make it to sleep on time tonight.

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