Monday, June 20, 2011

Nuttin’ but SkillPorts - (Korea) Day 203

The day was so laid back our KATUSA couldn't stay

Work call this morning was at 0830. We had no meetings at all scheduled for today, so it was a pretty laid back day. In fact all I did in the morning until lunch was SkillPorts. I then went to lunch in my room and was able video chat with my wife. When I headed back to work I did a little IMO work as usual. I helped our NCOIC finally get completely setup with her secret account. I also had to put in a work order for the secret network connection at her desk…now it is not working.

The rest of the work day was more SkillPorts. I was able to find on AKO a place where it actually shows all of your accumulated promotion points. It's pretty cool, because you don't have to do any of the guesswork and you can tell what they have in the system, so if there is something missing you can get it updated. I currently have my civilian education portion maxed out even with only an associates degree because I have a number of technical certifications that count as points too. SkillPorts will keep counting towards my military education, so I'll keep an eye on that until it is maxed out as well.

We were let go early at 1600, so I headed to my room and just relaxed. Watched some TV shows, before doing schoolwork and then watching some more TV shows before heading to bed.

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