Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A Catastrophe! - (Korea) Day 190

3 building maintenance workers in our bathroom working on our plumbing nightmare

I have to start back a little bit with this entry…back before I went to sleep last night. As I went in to brush my teeth and get ready for bed I noticed our sink was full of dirty water. I asked my roommate if he poured something funny down the drain like ramen or something. He denied putting anything down it, so I just used the bathtub to brush my teeth and planned on calling building maintenance sometime tomorrow to have a look.

About 2330 or so my roommate wakes me up and states that something "is happening" in the bathroom. I get up and turn on the light to find what looks like a scene from some horror movie taking place. What looks like a long black alien tentacle is flailing about all over in the bathroom and dark water is spewing out all over the place. My roommate was a little worried to say the least. I let him know it was only a snake that plumbers use to clear the drain, but this one had punctured our sink drain and was all over our bathroom. The snake was then pulled back and water started coming out of the hole that it left. I went to the next room over and found the door open with the plumber at work. I told him to come over quick and fix our bathroom. Turns out the lady that lives in the room next to us shares our drain and clogged it all up. The plumber stopped the leak, but said he would have to have more people come in tomorrow morning to fix it. At this point I knew I wouldn't be going on the hike this morning, because I had to be there in the morning for the maintenance crew to come. My roommate had a meeting he had to attend. I decided to set my alarm for 0515 to call my sergeant and let him know I wouldn't be in. I then went back to sleep and woke up about 0715 and waited for the plumbers to arrive.

My roommate's friend came over and saw everything…then slowly stated "It's a catastrophe!" The Plumbers showed up about 0800 and after fighting with the leak and the water they were able to fix and replace what was needed by 1000. I called in and let Special K know I was now going to get ready and would be in shortly. What a crazy night and morning so far!

My sergeant wanted to play basketball, so we left work about 1115 only to find the gym was being used for a ceremony…no basketball today. I went back to my room and had lunch while video chatting with my wife. When I got back to work I did a little SkillPort and a little studying of the army study guide material. Sometimes I think my brain might explode with everything I’m trying to cram in it. After talking with my sergeant I found out that CPT Hooah! didn't even show up this morning for the hike. After all that talk yesterday, he didn't even show up. I told my sergeant that he shouldn't even bring it up when he's around.

I headed over to our battalion to visit the MedPros office. I went there because I received an email a week or so ago letting me know that I was due for my next anthrax booster. When I arrived, they informed me that I needed my tuberculosis shot as well. So a KATUSA working there gave me my shots, I had to hold some gauze over the anthrax shot for a while because I'm a bleeder. I then checked about my vision and was told I could make an appointment at the optometrist to get my eyes checked and get new glasses. That's good because my civilian glasses are all scratched up. So I called and made an appointment for next Tuesday. I also have to come back to MedPros in two days to have them check on my tuberculosis shot.

When I got back to the office we setup for today's only meeting, a KUB in the top secret conference room. Then Special K arrived with a van full of office supplies that I helped unload. I watched a little news before leaving to clean up the meeting and then the office.

Back in my room it was dinner and some TV shows as usual. I finished my class yesterday, so I'm taking a little break tonight. This last class has been the most difficult I've had. I know I would have done much better if it were in a traditional classroom, but just online was tough. It seemed all my individual projects were ripped apart by the instructor. My learning team was the worst I've ever had. There was only one other person that did anything. One person quit and the other two were worthless. I just hope we get at least a C on the project, because I need a C overall in order to have the army pay for it. I never thought this would be anything I'd ever have to worry about. I'm looking forward to starting over now with this next class!

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