Monday, June 6, 2011

More NBA - (Korea) Day 189

It's a rough life...SPC Mick taking a nap in our conference
control room...a.k.a. "our lair"

Work call this morning was at 0800. It’s a ROK holiday, so our KATUSA has the day off. The rest of us had to setup for a KUB in our conference room at 0900. After we setup and had everything ready each one of us had to report separately to our sergeant's office. He had us recite the soldier's creed and then sing the army song. He then asked a few questions from the army study guide book. This time I was able to recite the soldier's creed without freezing up…not sure what happened last time. I was then told that I didn't have any harmony when I sang the army song. I was going to blame it on me being white, but our sergeant said that SPC Mick sang it well. I know I didn't get the answers to some of the questions correct, but our sergeant is stressing on us how important it is to remain confident no matter what. If you tell the board the sky is pink, don't let them make you second guess yourself. Stick with your answer and be confident in it. I guess most of the boards are more about how you present yourself and not whether you get the answers correct or not.

I then watched the NBA finals up in my lair. What another great game. I'm still hoping Dallas can win the series before Miami starts their dynasty which I'm sure will reign for years to come. After the game was lunch in my room. When I got back to the office I did some office work…check email and update the events calendar. I then worked a little down in our admin office with the IMO. I'm trying to learn everything that needs to be done in order to setup a new person on the network. It's a real pain in the butt, especially when that person is not here yet and we have to keep requesting documents from them.

The rest of the day consisted of working on SkillPorts. I was only able to finish 7 of them, so I have 3 more to go before the end of the week to meet my sergeant's quota. We cleaned up the office and then our sergeant starts talking about resuming our hikes in the morning. Instead of Seoul Tower he wants to hike to the Han river. CPT Hooah! overheard and started putting his two cents in. He said we should first just hike around post with our rucksacks instead of the assault packs. He then starts talking about longer and longer trips, then eventually doing them in our uniform. Ugghhh….I wish he would just let our sergeant take care of his own troops.

I headed back to my room and did schoolwork and watched some TV shows before turning in for the night.

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