Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Not Quite Right - (Korea) Day 212

Another hard working road crew...working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week here in Seoul

The morning came earlier than I had planned. The bed at least in the spare room while small, was still much more comfortable than the poor excuse of a bed that is in my barracks. My NCOIC was moving a little slow as was I. She told me she had pushed her snooze button several times before getting up, now we were running late. I wondered how everyone in the office was going to feel after last night. I guess this is a normal thing for Koreans…drinking on weekdays.

We drove to work and since we were running late my NCOIC says "you don't mind if I drop you off in the parking lot do you…I'm late and I gotta get in the office". Of course I replied no problem, just let Special K know that I may be a little late please. Unfortunately it was raining. Well raining is to gentle of a word…the gods opened up the sky and let it pour! I ran up to my room (why my NCOIC couldn't take an extra 2 minutes to drop me off, I don't know). I was so soaked by the time I got to my room. I had to peel off my shirt! I then took a quick shower and shaved before getting dressed. Work call was at 0830, but my NCOIC dropped me off in the parking lot at 0815, there was no way I was getting to work on time. At least she was the one that dropped me off, so I will not be getting into trouble.

I made it in a little before 0900. I headed straight to the normal Wednesday 0930 meeting in the secret conference room. I had to get both the computers up and running…ready for the meeting. I was moving in slow motion and not thinking quite clearly. I only had a small headache (I really tried to limit my intake last night). I was drinking water and pushing through. The meeting only had a few hiccups, but all in all it was OK.

I headed upstairs and right away was told to hurry up and setup for another meeting. The problem is that only Special K and I were working today. SPC Mick is off on a surprise vacation offered to him to JeJu island "The Hawaii of Korea". It's a small tropical island south of Korea. He was offered this at the last minute after our NCOIC was unable to take the vacation. Our KATUSA had to go to a meeting of his own and wasn't scheduled to start work until after lunch. So I hurried and setup everything up in the top secret conference room. Special K was busy flipping slides for a meeting in our conference room. Once I had everything setup CPT Hooah! looked and asked where the laser pointer was. Oh crap! I am really not 100%, I totally forgot about this vital piece of equipment that we are supposed to supply for the general in each meeting. CPT Hooah! took off running to our conference control room, which is where we keep it. Unfortunately when I cleaned up from the morning meeting, I forgot to bring it up there. He had to run down and get it before heading back over to the top secret room. He wasn't too happy.

I sat down and did a SkillPort before getting a call from SPC Roy, he wants me and Special K to meet him at the food court for lunch. OK…I head down and I'm waiting on Special K, who is waiting on the air force major to give him some paperwork to run an errand after lunch. We then start to leave before getting stopped by our sergeant who wants us to pick him up something. We get stopped a couple more times all the while SPC Roy keeps calling asking where we are. Finally we get there and SPC Roy is gone…he was too impatient to wait. WTH? He called us and wanted us to come, then he takes off.

We had to hurry and eat because yes, we had another meeting to setup for. Wow…it's been a pretty busy day! I flipped slides for this meeting and then was able to slide in another SkillPort afterwards. I then made a network cable for our office. I've been meaning to make one for a while long enough so the officers can share the secret laptop between their desks…mission accomplished.

The rest of the day consisted of me doing some new training I found. I was recently checking out a part of AKO called ACT (Army Career Tracker). Well there is a link from AKO to this site. On this site it shows my progress and what I've done. I saw that in one portion of my training it shows AIT as complete and the next step is SSD1 (Structured Self Development Level 1). After searching Google to find out what this is, I found out that it is web based training. This has to be done before going to WLC (Warrior Leader Course), which in turn must be done before one can become an NCO. I signed up for the SSD1 course and started taking some of the modules. It said when I finish I will have 80 hours worth of training. I guess I'll see if it shows up on my ERB or my promotion points worksheet.

As for the rest of the folks in our office, they all made it in. I went down to our admin office to check on Seaman. Last time I saw him, he was walking around in circles in the subway station. He said he threw up about four times on the way home. He also said he "felt kind of funny" right now…lol.

The rest of the day consisted of me hanging in the room and relaxing. My roommate ordered pizza and we had some good conversation. He's dating a 19 year old American girl (soldier). That blew my mind when I thought about it…in four years my oldest daughter is going to be 19! Holy Cow!

the wife

Sounds like you had a good night and a rough day... Lol!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011 - 11:40 PM


Yes...the night was a lot of fun and filled with the surprise "Cocktail" like show along with fire at the bar. Everyone was hurting a bit and definitely moving a little slow though today!

Thursday, June 30, 2011 - 09:31 PM

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