Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Eye Check - (Korea) Day 197

The Garrison Flags up for the change of command ceremony. There was just never
a big enough gust of wind to get all three flags up at once.
(South Korea, United Nations, & of course the U.S. flags)

We had PT this morning at 0545 and hiked to Seoul Tower with our body armor and assault packs on. It seems like every time we go up we find another way to get there. This time we actually hiked up trails instead of using any paved or padded paths. It was a lot quicker, but it was also a lot tougher…a good workout! On the way back our sergeant bought us all a kimbap for breakfast.

Everyone had work call at 0830 except for me, I had an appointment to see the optometrist at 0815. When I arrived I only had a short wait and then a KATUSA did the initial exam on me. An LTC then took me back to his room and did a more thorough exam. I guess the machine the KATUSA used wasn't very accurate for me. It also turns out the exam I received in basic ended up giving me a prescription that was a little too strong for me. The LTC did an exam the old fashioned way and was a very nice guy. I got my prescription and ordered my glasses which should arrive in 4 or 5 days. The frames they had were decent and I was extremely happy with the service. I didn't know what to expect because I think with military health care it can be hit or miss. So far every time I've done anything it's been in a TRADOC environment and it hasn't been a very good experience.

I arrived back to the office shortly before a change of command ceremony was about to start, so Special K and I hung out at the entrance to stop any cars that tried to get in during the ceremony. (Just one of my many side jobs here…directing traffic). I then headed up to my computer and worked on SkillPorts until lunch.

Lunch was in my room and I was able to video chat with my wife. It's always nice to see her and chat. I really can't wait to go back on leave! I headed back to the office and did a little IMO work. I setup our new NCOIC with her new computer. Mapped our shared drive for her and gave her permissions to access it. I also did the inventory for our supply office. I had planned on doing our protocol office as well, but supply took longer than expected. I'll try protocol tomorrow. I then had to figure out the procedure to wipe a blackberry for our new colonel that is coming soon. It turns out he pretty much has to be here in order to do much, so I guess I'll be doing that next week.

I worked on SkillPorts a little before calling it a day. I only finished 3 or 4 today, but that does put me over the "10+" limit that we now have each week. I turned on the TV and watched MTV Hits. This is kind of unique with AFN I believe. They actually play a segment for an hour or so of just music videos from MTV. There are no stupid "VJs" or cutting off videos before they finish, just a few videos with some normal commercials, the way MTV used to be back in the day when they actually played music.

We then cleaned up and took off for the day. I headed to the PX to pick up some last minute stuff to mail. I then headed to my room and relaxed. I take Tuesday off from school and just watched TV shows and one movie…."Bloodsport 3". This is a total B movie…maybe even a B- because the story line is just so bad. It has the same actor as in Bloodsport 2, but the acting seems to be even worse with everyone. The Kumite does take place and the fighting scenes are OK, but it seemed as even these were not as good. The basic storyline is that the main character's teacher gets killed by the host of the Kumite, so to get revenge the main character trains and wins it. I really wouldn't waste your time watching this one unless you are a diehard bloodsport fan.

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