Friday, September 13, 2013

PHA - (MedBoard: Joint Base Lewis-McChord) Day 97

A photo of "The Medical Mall" inside Madigan hospital. 
This is where a lot of the specialty clinics are as well as the pharmacy.

This morning I headed to morning formation in my ACUs, I have a PHA appointment (basically my yearly physical). After formation I head to my car and fall asleep within seconds, for some reason I'm extremely tired this morning. Once I woke up, I took my time eating breakfast in my car and then headed into the hospital for my appointment. On the way in, I check my calendar on my phone and realize my appointment is at 0800…the entire morning I had it in my head that it was at 0830. I quickly walk to the family practice clinic at 0810 and they still decide to see me. This is a good thing because missing appointments is a pretty big deal while in WTB. In fact I could get UCMJ action taken against me for missing appointments.

After visiting with the doc I hear that I'm a bit overweight, I have pre-diabetes because my blood sugar is pretty high, and I also find out I have high cholesterol! My entire life I've been very active in sports and have always considered myself pretty healthy, now that I've hit 40 it seems not only is my body falling apart, but I'm having other health issues as well. The doc doesn't really tell me to do anything different except to eat more vegetables and work out more. He also put in a request to have my labs done again just to verify the results.

I then headed up to see my squad leader. He says they aren't tracking any of my ACAP appointments. So my squad leader hands me a paper that I have to take and get filled out by my ACAP counselor showing the dates and classes I've attended so far. When I headed down to see my ACAP counselor, there were already a number of people waiting…I guess multiple people are not being tracked correctly in the system. I take off…I'll get him to fill it all out later.

I head to my wife's work and meet her for lunch. She works with an old friend and previous co-worker of both of ours from a previous job at a newspaper. We all have lunch together at the buffet. So much for eating healthier…I guess I'll have to start that tomorrow!

After lunch, I headed home and did schoolwork.

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