Thursday, September 5, 2013

ACAP - WA State Resume - (MedBoard: Joint Base Lewis-McChord) Day 89

This morning's formation was at 0840 in ACUs at the Evergreen theatre on post for a town hall. I left right after formation and headed to an ACAP appointment, which is good…usually the town halls are pretty boring stuff. My ACAP appointment wasn't until 1000, but this was a new place I was heading to and I also had to make sure to be there early.

The ACAP class was for getting a job working for the state of Washington. Working for the state would probably not be a bad gig. The instructor went over similar stuff as the other ACAP classes (de-militarize your resume). He also showed everyone a bunch of different websites to check out. Probably the best thing out of the class though was getting the teacher's contact info. He actually works for the state and said he would help out anyone that wants to get a job. He even proposed going out and getting coffee to talk over everything and answer any questions.

The class ended around noon and I headed home to eat lunch and do my schoolwork. Right in the middle of my schoolwork my NCM called and gave me the date for my PHA appointment. She also let me know I have to go to the hospital lab and get some blood work done before my PHA appointment which is next Friday. I'll take care of that tomorrow, now it's back to schoolwork.

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