Friday, September 20, 2013

Back to the Lab - (MedBoard: Joint Base Lewis-McChord) Day 104

Morning formation at 0630 and I go in ACUs. I have to head to the laboratory at the hospital at 0730 for blood work. I can't eat or drink anything until I get it done, so I wasn't going to do any PT and the lab opens at 0730. After formation I head to my car and wait…can't eat anything yet!

When I made it to the laboratory at the hospital, I checked in at the counter and then headed straight back to the technicians…quick service! They drew my blood and slapped a bandage on me, then I was good to go. I went back to my car and had breakfast. Breakfast these days is usually my coffee, yogurt and a cereal bar.

I hung out in my car listening to the radio and passing the time for a bit, then headed into the SFAC. I checked my army email and then printed out my GoArmyEd SOU (Statement of Understanding). This document has to be signed by me and my commander annually in order for me to continue to use tuition assistance to take college classes. I swing by my squad leader's desk and drop off the ACAP paperwork he requested along with my SOU so he can get the commander to sign it. I had to look over a counseling statement and sign it before leaving. Once that was done I headed home and did schoolwork…now the weekend can start!

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