Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Navy I.T. - (MedBoard: Joint Base Lewis-McChord) Day 102

The building I did my Navy I.T. internship in

I headed to my internship with the navy this morning at 0700. I went back and forth playing around on my iPhone and reading a Windows configuration book. After a couple hours I helped load 4 PCs into a TMP and we drove to another naval base outside of a neighboring city of Silverdale. We went to various shops around the base and replaced some older PCs. These PCs are all part of a legacy system that the shop I'm in maintains and supports. Most of the normal desktop and laptops are supported via a third party contractor. I didn't do much at all except actually physically move the computers, unconnect the old ones and reconnect the new ones. I would then sit and watch the guy I was with start them up, do some basic configurations, and then test them. Unfortunately because of some security restrictions, we were unable to get any of them actually online. We left them all hooked up and we brought the old ones back to our office.

When we got back, I had lunch in my car. I then headed back to the office and we all ended up chatting amongst ourselves in the office until it was time for me to go. The guys I work with (navy civilian workforce) are all pretty nice and it sounds like they want to teach me a lot of stuff, but there is just not a lot we can do right now.

I headed home and did schoolwork for the night.

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