Wednesday, September 4, 2013

NCM, PCM & Pharmacy - (MedBoard: Joint Base Lewis-McChord) Day 88

This morning we had our formation with summer PTs and the jacket. While we were in formation it started to rain so we headed inside. Once inside we did a little stretching and then called it a day. I headed to my car and ate breakfast, then listened to the radio for a bit.

I headed to the SFAC when it opened up at 0730, I was able to check my army email and digitally sign some paperwork for the internship I'm about to start with the navy. I then took off to the gym to change into my ACUs. After that I headed back to the WTB and hung out in my car for a bit listening to the radio and playing on my iPhone.

I headed in for my weekly appointment with my NCM. Everything was the same old song and dance routine. I'm doing the same…no changes. I did let her know that I'm now due for my annual PHA (Periodic Health Assessment) also known as a normal physical in the civilian world. Everything that I need to do shows up on a system called MedPros, and I check that each time I check my army email at the SFAC. My NCM will make an appointment for me and let me know when it is.

I head out of there and straight to my PCM visit. My PCM visits have now grown to become monthly…well close to monthly because she's usually over booked, so they will now be about 5 to 6 weeks between visits. We went over all my issues and I had her issue me more Percocet. After that I headed down to the crazy mess that they call a pharmacy here. I waited almost 2 hours in the waiting room before getting called. I'm also active duty in uniform, so I get queued up faster than all the other suckers that have been there who knows how long! Luckily I had my iPhone and Plants Vs Zombies 2 to pass the time.

I headed home and did my schoolwork. I then get a text from my squad leader stating there is a 1400 formation today. I just ignore it, my MOU states that I'm in school and will not be at the end of day formations. I have better stuff to do.

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