Sunday, February 3, 2013

Weekend Wrap-Up - (Germany) Day 402 - 403

Saturday: We didn't have any big plans to go anywhere this weekend. Most of the places I want to go either don't start opening until March, or the weather just hasn't been good enough. So we ended up just heading out to IKEA which is in a neighboring town not too far away. We went to actually have lunch and then just do some window shopping. When we got back we ended up going to see a movie here on post. The movie "Parker" was an entertaining action blow-em up movie…fun to watch. I'm assuming since I never got a call to come in and finish the mandatory online training, that they are not doing it today. I'll work on it next week if my office computer has been added back to the domain.

Sunday: Today was another day of rest. My wife and I just hung out all day watching TV, then video chatting with the kids and family during the night. The Super Bowl is on tonight at midnight and the rest of the office gets to come in at 1300, but because I'm now the designated garbage man every Monday…I have to start my job at 0900. This means no watching the Super Bowl for me.

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