Wednesday, February 13, 2013

A Lotta Training - (Germany) Day 413

This morning's PT was a little strange, I asked SGT Mex last night what was going on for PT this morning and he told me it was in the gym at Campbell in civilian clothes. I arrived and nobody else from my platoon ever showed up. I suspect they formed up outside close to the gate for an off post run, but I wasn't going to go around looking for them. An NCO told me to be in the gym and I have my phone, so I just stayed in the gym and did a cardio workout on the stationary bike. I'm using "workout" loosely, because all I was doing was slowly peddling and wasting time. I am still trying to get over a cold and just didn't have the energy this morning.

I headed into work for only a short time, enough time to check my email and that is pretty much it. I then turned around and picked my wife back up from her office. We both have to attend some mandatory training that is being held in the PHV theatre. The training was TARP (Threat Awareness and Reporting Program) and is a yearly requirement for both of our jobs. A special agent lead the PowerPoint presentation, but the training had issues from the beginning. The guy's microphone kept going out, so he finally gave up trying to use it. His voice was going out by the end of the hour long presentation. There were also some videos as part of the presentation, but nobody could hear the sound from the tiny little speakers they brought. This caused the special agent to just give us a little explanation of what was going on while skipping through the videos. The basics were to look out for potential bad people and report them to authorities…it could save lives. Now I can check this off as one of the mandatory training modules I need to complete.

I took my wife back to work, then headed back home for lunch. After lunch I headed into my office where I started up on the rest of the mandatory training that I have left to do…everything from sexual harassment to ethics. I was able to finish what I think is all of the modules and email all my certificates to my boss and our CAM. I'm sure they'll let me know if I'm missing anything. I did a few things for the chaplain and then called it a day.

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