Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Back to Army PT - (Germany) Day 405

This morning we formed up in the gym and did PT as a unit once again. We are now back to normal PT, which means we start at 0630 and do the standard army exercise routines. This morning reminded me why I don't care for the army PT…not only is it at the butt crack of dawn when my body isn't acting normal yet, but I also hate doing PT as a group. I get a much better workout when I hit the gym on my own, but I can see why they made the change…too many people were missing PT because of work that always seemed to go late. If PT is done first thing on the morning, everyone usually gets it done.

I headed to my office at 0900 and tried to log into my computer with no luck, they still haven't added it to the domain. I called the IMO and he came down, tried some things, then said he would have to take the machine and image it. He said he'd have it back in a couple hours. Shortly after that the supply sergeant came by doing an inventory looking for the machine. When I told him the IMO took it, he got a little pissed. I guess the IMO is supposed to fill out a bunch of paperwork before he takes it.

We had some pretty crazy weather all of a sudden, there was thunder, then hail, then a ton of snow fell all at once. I've never seen anything like that before, I was heading out the door to run to the next building over when all of this happened. Within a couple of minutes there was an inch or two of snow on the ground…pretty crazy! I headed home for lunch…after wiping all the snow off my car. When I headed back into my office the IMO came back in as well. He said the image he put on the computer expired a few days ago and he has to download a new one. So I will not get a working computer until tomorrow…unless something else goes wrong. SGT Mex called and said our CAM wants me to do more of the online mandatory training. After I explained the situation with my computer, they told me to come over and use one of theirs.

I headed over, it was weird being in the ComSec office once again. When I signed onto one of the computers a co-worker emailed me the answers to a few of the tests, so I could get them done pretty quick. I guess they started to build a comprehensive list of answers as they did each test to help each other. I was appreciative as it helped me get through three of them very quickly. It's all about getting the box checked to show that you're finished and not about actually learning anything. Speaking of email, when I opened mine I had over 170 emails in my inbox…I haven't checked it since Thanksgiving because of all the drama that has been going on and my local access taken away. I guess I'll have to go through those tomorrow if I get my computer back and working properly. I also got my orders and I will be heading to Wiesbaden no later than August 31st. This makes an interesting dilemma trying to decide how to spend the summer with my kids. They can't come until late July and I'll be out processing and moving in August.

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