Monday, February 4, 2013

Garbage Trio - (Germany) Day 404

This morning I took my wife to work, then headed to my shift as garbage man. To my surprise there were three of us. There was a person from the dental office as usual, but there is also another woman who is getting kicked out of the army. So she is now doing the AIC detail (post cleanup…garbage man) on a daily basis. This made cleanup go very fast, the other two took the truck and I took the modified golf cart. They hit all the major garbage cans and the big stuff, and I hit all the playgrounds and also just drove around looking for miscellaneous trash along the roads. I was surprised how many little playgrounds there are here on PHV. You get a different view when driving the golf cart around behind buildings and such, I ran into at least 3 playgrounds that I didn't even know existed. There wasn't too much garbage around because it's still pretty cold for kiddos to be playing around, but there were plenty of little bags full of dog poop in the garbage cans…people still have to walk their dogs around.

I finished up about 1130 and then met my wife for lunch after changing into civilian clothes. The supervisor said from now on I can just wear civilian clothes every Monday when I'm pretending to be a garbage man. This is nice because I can wear hats that cover my ears to keep them warm, I can also dress comfortably and I don't have to worry about saluting officers…I can just do my job. I headed home after lunch and did schoolwork. The supervisor said he'd call me if he needed anything else done.

After some schoolwork after a quick nap, I started coordinating this weekend with some folks from work. We want to check out the carnival festivities in Köln. While chatting with SGT Mex he said our CAM is still waiting on all my mandatory online training…I told him I was picking up garbage all day. I wish they would actually give me some time once I actually have access to a computer. I also heard that my orders are already in, so I'll have to swing by there tomorrow and pick them up. I should then have a time frame of when I'll be moving to Wiesbaden…then I can kind of plan out my summer.

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