Friday, February 8, 2013

Prayer Breakfast & FPU - (Germany) Day 408

I had to leave pretty early this morning, I got up at 0330 and picked up the chaplain in the TMP at 0430. We left from PHV and headed towards the Landstuhl hospitable about an hour away. Once we arrived, we made sure the room adjacent to the DFAC was ready to go. This morning the chaplain hosted a prayer breakfast. The prayer breakfast is open to any soldiers that want to come, they purchase their own breakfast at the DFAC and then listen to the chaplain speak for a few minutes. Today's featured speaker was the 5th signal command chaplain…a full bird colonel. My job at this event was to make sure everyone got their fliers, everyone signed in, and also to take a bunch of photos.

After the event the chaplain and I took a short break in the main part of the DFAC and had some coffee. We went over the pros and cons of the event and then headed to 181st Company Headquarters. Here the chaplain went around and talked to the various soldiers and during this time I was able to stay in the TMP. My plan was to study a bit, but I was too tired…I kept reading the same paragraph over and over, then eventually gave in and just took a nap.

I met up with the chaplain in the conference room at 1045 where we setup for a financial training class. The chaplain brought along Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University. I've listened to this guy before and he does a really great job of explaining finances and helping people get out of debt. Not only is he entertaining, but he gives some really sound advice. We watched about 45 minutes of his video on debt. The chaplain then spoke a bit and answered any questions. After that the commander and first sergeant had to get their time in, which eventually turned into a safety brief for the weekend…always one of my favorite topics (sigh). Interestingly enough when we were all leaving the first sergeant patted me on the back and asked how I liked helping out the chaplain. I told him I'm doing the best I can to help him out. The chaplain has been informing the commander and first sergeant how much he appreciates my help and I think it's starting to win the command over. The first sergeant has gone from accusing me of being a terrorist, to patting me on the back and actually being nice to me. It was pretty strange. I haven't been told anything about the investigation at all. Right now I'm cautiously optimistic that they are just going to drop it because it just got all overblown. It sure has caused me a lot of stress and really soured my view of the army. Right now I'm just working through each day knowing I'm one day closer to getting out.

We drove back to PHV where I dropped the chaplain off and then took a quick lunch break even though it was already past 1400. I then headed back to my office, stopping to top off the TMP gas tank along the way. Once I arrived, I went through my email and got all caught up. The chaplain let me go at 1630 for the day. Glad to finally start the weekend!

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