Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Flying Solo - (Germany) Day 419

This morning we had PT in the Campbell gym. I participated as much as my profile would allow. We did the standard army PRT drills along with push-up and sit-up drills. I then headed home and got ready for my day as a garbage man once again. Even though it's a Tuesday, it's still the first work day of the week (because of the holiday weekend) and this means that it's garbage day for me. I arrived and chatted with the supervisor for a bit while we were waiting for the other person to show up. After a few emails and calls we found out there will not be anyone else, I'll be flying solo on today's garbage journey. That is fine with me, I took off in one of the flatbed TMPs and started my rounds changing out all the garbage cans. Not a glamorous job, but I get to wear civilian clothes and it passes the time.

I ate lunch with my wife at the food court and then started checking around the post for bulk trash. The city comes each Monday to pick up stuff, but people are constantly putting out bulk items. They just leave them by the curb and wait for someone to pick them up…that someone is me if the city doesn't come and do it. It's amazing what people throw away…we really are a "throw away" society now. People are moving and just want to get rid of stuff. I ended up having to get the supervisor to help me out a bit on the last load because the stuff was just too big for just me to handle…stuff like couches, tables and big chairs…all in perfectly good condition. There are other things too that drive me nuts, like people that just don't want to walk all the way to the garbage or recycle area for their building and instead just lay it all out at the end of their building for "someone" to come and magically pick it up.

I then drove the little golf cart around with a long "pincher" I used to pick up random garbage that people leave everywhere. I always thought that a military base would have the cleanest people of any neighborhood, but I've long since thrown that crazy thought from my head. Military families are messy and just throw their garbage all over the place…they know someone will be around to pick up after them eventually. It makes me sick.

I finished up around 1500 and took it easy at home until it was time to pick up my wife. I also ended up getting a call from the medboard folks, they sent me an email last Friday and need me to respond to it. I let them know because of the holiday I haven't been in the office. Also because I'm a garbage man today, I will not be checking my email. I assured them I'll have it done first thing tomorrow. I want it done as soon as possible as well, I want this ball rolling.

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