Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Another Brief - (Germany) Day 426

This morning we formed up in civilian clothes at the gym on Campbell Barracks. Those not on profile headed off post for a run, while those of us on profile did cardio in the gym. I'm not sure why we are doing cardio two days in a row, but who cares…I got on a bike and rode.

My wife and I headed into a briefing at 0900 at the WTU here in Heidelberg. The lady basically explained the overall process that happens when a soldier overseas starts the medboard process. Unless they get an exception to policy letter, they will PCS back to the states and complete the entire medboard process back in the states. We were shown a list of available places we can choose from. There were a lot that were unavailable, I guess because they are currently full. I chose Ft. Lewis, but there were no other available posts to choose that are anywhere near Washington State…so I only picked one place. I also had to give a reason why I wanted that particular base…of course I put that my kids are there, my family is there and my wife's family is there. We'll find out for sure where we will be going and when we'll be going in two weeks. The briefer said it could be sooner, but she always tells people two weeks. Once I get my orders, I can turn in all my gear. I will also be able to get our plane tickets and then start the countdown until we leave.

I took my wife to work after the brief and then headed into my office. Unfortunately there is only one key to my office and it's locked in the OIC's office. Everyone that had a key to his office was gone…so I was stuck without an office for a while. The chaplain let me leave early and make sure the TMP was gassed up, then I just went home for lunch. When I came back the chaplain had to go home to take care of a sick daughter, I used his office while he was out. I did some admin stuff for him. We were going to head out to Landstuhl today, but because of his sick daughter it got cancelled. So I just continued admin tasks and then started studying for my Apple recertification. I just got notice that it is time to recertify once again. The learning never stops when you're in IT.

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