Thursday, February 7, 2013

Observe the MAC - (Germany) Day 407

This morning for PT we did modern army combatives. This meant that I just showed up in my regular uniform and watched. I couldn't go work out on my own because I guess just watching still gives me credit for learning combatives, which we are supposed to have a certain number of hours learned each year. This went on from 0630 until 0800, when we were allowed to go home and get ready for the day, we had to be back at the ComSec office at 0930 for sergeant's time training.

This week's sergeant's time training involved basic ComSec forms and the correct way to package and inspect boxes for shipping ComSec material. This is actually some training that pertains to the job people do in ComSec, so I can't complain. I think all the training should either be MOS related or job related. The training lasted until lunch time where I headed home and ate, then headed back into my office to finish out the day. I spent the majority of the time going through my email. I've been backlogged and I finally made it through everything. I was also able to get everything on my "to do" list input digitally, so I feel like I'll be a little more efficient from now on. I grabbed a TMP and loaded it up with everything we need for tomorrow, checking to make sure there was a full tank and everything was ready to go. The only drawback…whoever used this TMP last bathed in cologne! I had to drive it home because we're leaving so early in the morning tomorrow and I had the windows rolled down the entire way even though it was very cold outside. I guess I'll see how well that helped when we take off tomorrow.

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