Sunday, January 22, 2012

Weekend Wrap-Up - (Germany) Days 26 & 27

Saturday: We woke up early this morning to get ready and head out. My boss picked up my wife and I at 0845 and we headed off to Ramstein Air Base. The drive was about an hour and we were able to view the German countryside while speeding along on the autobahn. I was surprised by how many wind turbines I saw along the way. The Germans are serious about going green, between the clean energy and all the recycling they seem to be far "greener" than the U.S. We heard about the PX at Ramstein and how huge it is, when we arrived we were not disappointed. The PX itself was huge and there is also a small mall of shops as well as a food court connected to it. Our goal was to purchase a bed for our room and the spare room. We didn't ship ours because we didn't know how big these houses were going to be and we weren't sure if our big beds would even fit.

After strolling around the shops we headed into the PX and picked up a few things before checking out the beds. Once we decided what we wanted, we found out that they no longer ship to Heidelberg. We have to go to our Heidelberg PX and make the order there. So we wrote down the item numbers of what we want and headed on our way. Even though we didn't leave knowing our beds were going to be delivered soon, we still enjoyed the trip and seeing this big PX. We had lunch at Chilli's and then headed back to Heidelberg. I'm looking forward to when my car arrives and we can decide to go places without relying on others.

We spent the rest of the day hanging out and watching TV shows as usual. We did start a couple new shows...The Firm and Homeland. Still too early to tell if we will keep watching them though.

Sunday: We slept in which was nice, then my wife made me breakfast :) We didn't do a whole lot today, in fact the highlight of the day was walking to The Strong Hold gym and working out. The rest of the day and night consisted of poking around on the Internet and watching TV shows while hanging out with my wife.

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