Monday, January 23, 2012

Final In-Processing - (Germany) Day 28

Last night was one of my worst nights of sleep ever. I'm not sure why, I didn't have a lot on my mind or anything…I just kept tossing and turning the entire night. I may have had an hour of uninterrupted sleep the entire night. This made getting out of bed when my alarm clock went off an extremely unenjoyable experience. My boss picked me up for PT at 0545 and we headed to the formation which was at 0630. Since there was a light rain we ended up heading into the gym and doing the spinning class. I got a pretty decent cardio session in. My boss then took me back home where I had about 45 minutes to get ready for work.

Work call this morning was the usual 0900 and I sat and planned to stare at the wall once again, but one of the sergeants pulled one of our customer's folder and had me look through it to get a feel for how everything is laid out. I took my time and checked it out. One thing with this job I'm seeing is that there is a ton of paperwork and everything has to be in perfect order because of the sensitivity of the products we deal with. There is going to be a lot to learn to get it all straight. Right now I have a general idea of what the office does, but I am totally clueless with how they do anything. In other news I heard my network access should be setup soon, all the required signatures and such have made their way back to the IMO. Now they can officially create my account in the system and give me access to log into a computer. Not sure how often I'll be able to though because like I mentioned earlier there are 3 computers with 6 (sometimes 7) people that want to use them…and I'm the lowest ranking person.

My boss took me over to central processing at 1100, we grabbed lunch and then I headed to my final briefing for in-processing. The sergeant major of the installation did his brief, as well as education, chaplain, the credit union, and the MPs. It wrapped up at 1530 and I was able to turn in my completed sheet into central processing finally. I then headed to he PX and ordered our bed and mattress that we picked out last weekend at Ramstein.

My boss picked me up and we headed back to the office. We were informed we will be doing some sort of practice exercise this week. Not sure what it will involve, but I have to bring in my body armor and such tomorrow. I guess we'll see how that goes.

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