Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Don't Forget Me - (Germany) Day 14

Woke up at 0700 today just to get ready and start the day. After eating and hanging out with my wife for a bit, I started to wonder when I was going to be picked up. I had talked with my sponsor last night via e-mail and he said someone would be by to pick me up. Unfortunately he is teaching a security+ class all week, so he will not be able to help me out at all. I have an appointment at noon in Central Processing for more briefings. I also don't have any contact numbers except for my sponsor, so I just kind of hung out and waited.

As noon approached and there was nobody in sight I gave up hope of making my appointment. It wasn't until almost 1300 when I received a call from a sergeant in my office telling me that he's on his way. When we arrived at Central Processing he came in and they had to reschedule my appointment to 23rd. He left me there so I could try and finish up my walk-in processing.

I only had to go to housing and DEERs. Housing was pretty simple, I went in and they signed my sheet. I also turned in the discrepancy list while I was there. The discrepancy list is basically a list of damages we found while walking around our home. We have to document them so when we move out, we are not charged for them. Everything was in pretty good shape, just some minor scratches on the floor and such.

I then went to DEERs and sat…and waited…and waited. I started to wonder if anyone was even working in the back because there had been no movement. I had my number (45) and was patiently watching the TV in the waiting room with a number of other folks. About 20 minutes later they called the next number….24. I got up and walked out. I was able to pay my Internet bill, pick up some stuff from the exchange and waste some more time before heading back. I sat back down in the waiting room of DEERs and after about 15 minutes I hear them call number 29. This is crazy! A little bit later a guy came out and said they only had one person working so it was highly unlikely that all of us would be serviced before the end of the day. Looks like I'll try again tomorrow.

I called the sergeant that gave me a ride and he picked me up, then took me back to the office for a bit. I ended up catching a ride with a different sergeant to my place. The wife and I then enjoyed dinner together and watched some more Sons of Anarchy…what a great show!

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