Monday, January 30, 2012

Class A Pickup - (Germany) Day 35

PT this morning was a pretty good workout. We formed up at our normal PT location at Campbell Barracks. After warming up we ran the PT test circle which is basically a half mile loop around the parking lot and a field. We ran it four times stopping after each lap to alternate 20 push-ups and then 20 sit-ups. Half the people didn't even participate though because they were either on profile or they were going to take the actual PT test tomorrow morning.

My boss picked me up for work as usual, but a little earlier because we had to stop by the barracks for an inspection on the only soldier that is currently living in the barracks. He married a German national and she basically lives in his room with him. Unlike my barracks room in Korea where I had to share the actual room with another person, these barracks are private rooms that have a bathroom that is shared between two people. Everyone in our office knows the guy has his wife living there, but nobody up higher does. I think she helps him keep it pretty clean…my boss didn't have to do much inspecting, plus he's a pretty easy going guy. I am still glad I don't have to deal with stupid room inspections anymore.

Work was a little more eventful today, I was actually able to log into a computer although I only stayed on for a minute…it was just a test to see if it worked. I followed SPC Whirlwind around pretty much the whole day just helping him out while learning various parts of all the paperwork that I will have to do. I'm slowly "getting" little pieces of the job, but it's going to take a while to get down all the paperwork down. There are so many rules and procedures that need to be followed exactly because of the high security level that we deal with.

For lunch my boss took me to the alterations shop where I picked up my uniform. They sewed on my unit patch. I then headed up to the military clothing store and had to purchase everything that I needed for my dress uniform. I believe the maid in our temporary housing threw my bag of name tags and ribbons away. Luckily they had everything I needed and I was able to pick up my name tag that I ordered on Friday. We ate lunch at the food court and then headed back to the office.

I spent the rest of the day following around SPC Whirlwind again and then we headed out after cleaning up. We have a dress uniform inspection tomorrow, so my boss invited me and my wife over for dinner. Before dinner we worked on getting our uniforms squared away…placing all the ribbons and medals on them as well as the insignia and such. Trying to get everything perfect is a trying matter and neither of us finished before dinner was ready. We ate dinner and then decided to finish it up tomorrow before the inspection which is at 1600. We will not be wearing the Class A uniform to work, but we will have to put it on at 1600. This is in preparation for the "Days of Excellence" which is this Friday. This Friday the whole battalion wears their Class A's all day and there will be a more formal inspection done.

FYI: A great site that can be used for building your rack of ribbons and medals is:

EZ Rack Builder

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