Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Last Day In The Office - (Korea) Day 352

This morning we had to check in with the company at some point and were told to wait for a call at some point between 0430 and 0730. Once we got the call we had to head to the company and bring our NBC gear, our dog tags, and ID card. I had to change my sleeping habits a little last night because of this. Normally I sleep with my earphones in playing "white noise" from my iPhone. This works great to cancel out all the outside noises, but it also would keep me from hearing my work phone when it rang. So I had to sleep without the headphones…which made sleep not as good as it normally is, especially with my new loud roommate.

I got up and showered, grabbed my pop tarts for breakfast and headed to the company. When I arrived there were about 10-15 people standing outside waiting in line I joined the back of the line and waited. Not too much longer after that I hear in a Mexican accent "Son of Bitch….Shit!" (a sound bite from the old movie "Stripes") over and over again. I quickly grabbed my iPhone and turned off my alarm that I set just in case I didn't get a call this morning…LOL. Once in the company the process went pretty quick, they checked the dog tags and ID, because I already turned in my NBC gear yesterday they just marked me off the list, and finally they had to check my medical status to see if I was overdue on any shots…which I wasn't. I then headed to the office and dropped off my paperwork as well as my pop tarts while I grabbed my mocha from Starbucks. I then ate breakfast in our conference control room while watching a little college basketball. Little did I know this would be my only break until almost 1400. At 0800 we started setting up for meetings in various conference rooms. We would be setting up one meeting and then quickly going to another conference room to setup another. It seemed this was never ending with us either setting up or cleaning up from meetings that finished.

Early on there was a point where I left for a bit and took the office car to 1RC to get my PPD shot checked, it turns out I do not have tuberculosis which is a good thing. 1RC has a medical station, but it also has the installation out-processing office as well, so I was able to pick up my papers from there which was the last of my "to do" list before actually starting the clearing process tomorrow. Once back at work it was non stop action until we finally were able to take a break and leave for lunch at almost 1400. I was absolutely starving! Normally I would eat a small snack from my desk at work, but I actually never had any time to stop and do so. I headed to the food court and picked up a foot long subway sandwich, then headed to my room to video chat with my wife. I swear that a subway sandwich has never tasted so good.

Once back at work we cleaned up from a few meetings that finally ended and then setup for another ceremony in our conference room. We then had to do some deep cleaning in our office because the chief of staff (a two star general) will be coming to visit our colonel. So there was lots of vacuuming, dusting, and windex being sprayed all over. After we finished I also did a little IMO work and helped our new LTC move his files from one computer to another and then get everything setup and configured for him. I then tried to make sure PV2 Charlie was up to date on all the open issues and ticket submitting procedures because this will be my last day in the office. Kind of hard to believe after all this time!

We then had a meeting with our NCOIC before leaving to go over everything. Turns out we will not be having a room inspection tomorrow which is good. I also found out that I will not be able to take my PT test on Friday because my CIF equipment turn in is too early. It's kind of ironic because I am probably in the best shape I've been in since I've been in the army. I've been going to the gym almost everyday and having some great workouts. I feel as though I would definitely blow away my old score…I guess we'll have to wait until my next unit and see if I can stay in shape while eating all the good home cooked meals and exercising a lot less.

We left the office around 1745 and I headed straight to my room. I then went through all my CIF equipment and tried to do my best to sort out what I need to turn back in on Friday. We have a sheet that states what we keep and what we turn in, but somethings are more difficult than others to try and figure out what they are. I was able to get a PDF that had most of the items with a picture and description of them, so I think I'm in pretty good shape.

I then sat back ate a small dinner and watched a couple TV shows to wind the night down. Tomorrow is going to be the beginning of the end of my time here in Korea.

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