Thursday, November 10, 2011

Sung Nam Golf Club - (Korea) Day 346

A view of one of the holes at Sung Nam Golf Club with the guys that came as part of our group

Woke up about 0700, which is a little too early for a normal day off…but this just isn't any normal day off…I'm going golfing with SPC Roy. I got ready and ended up getting picked up by SPC Roy around 0800. We headed to the shoppette and picked up some beer, because golfing is one of the few places where it's legal to drink and drive. Plus I'm not that good at golf, so drinking makes it much more fun.

There is a shuttle bus that runs from Yongsan to Sung Nam Golf Club, which is a US Army golf course about 30-45 minutes from post. We met up with a couple guys that SPC Roy knows and one of them brought an extra set of clubs that SPC Roy and I decided to share to keep the costs down. Since this is a US Army golf course the prices are based on rank and for E-4 and below it's only $25 ($35 with cart) for 18 holes which is not a bad deal. The course itself was nice, a little short…but for me that is a plus. The guys we played with were decent golfers so instead of using the white tees I usually use, we used the blue tees.

Surprisingly I did fairly well. I hit the ball straight for the most part and even got par twice with the opportunity to get par about 4 other times. For those that have golfed with me before, they know this is a minor miracle. We all had a great time, the day was perfect and I can now say I've golfed in Korea.

We ended up taking a taxi back to post because the shuttle was going to be an hour an a half. Once back SPC Roy wanted to go out and eat, I ended up calling the young hawaiian and had him come with us so I could hear about his leave in the Philippines. We went to a little hole in the wall restaurant in Seoul that SPC Roy knew of. We had all you can eat pork and sides for only 10,000 Won (a little under $10). We fried up the pork at the table along with soup and various other sides. We ate and drank makkoli and chatted for quite a while before deciding to head to Itaewon for another beer before calling it a night.

I was pretty exhausted after 18 holes of golf and constantly drinking alcohol all day long. I never drank a lot at once, but it seemed like it was a slow constant all day long. I slept very well all night long…if you don't count the 4 or 5 times I had to get up and go pee.

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