Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Pre-Inspected - (Korea) Day 358

What's left of my NCOIC's iMac after I salvaged parts from it yesterday

I woke up around 0700 this morning. I had no set schedule today, I just wanted to be able to video chat with my wife for a bit before I start the day. After the chat I cleaned up my room, but only a little bit. I have a pre-clearing room inspection at 1000 and I want there to be a big difference between the pre-inspection and the final inspection.

Right on time the guy from housing arrived for the pre-inspection. He checked out all the furniture to make sure it was still there and undamaged. He then showed me all the areas I need to clean before the final inspection. It's pretty funny because the place was a total dump when I moved in, I don't think anything had been cleaned in some time. I'll definitely be leaving this room much better than I found it.

I headed to the office to check my email and also to check in with my NCOIC. While I was there I installed iDVD on my NCOIC's laptop. I can't believe the new MacBooks do not come with that pre-installed. I know Apple wants to go all digital, but I think Apple's moving a little too quick with that one. I then headed to the travel office to pick up our tickets to Germany woohoo!

Back in my room I ate lunch and video chatted with my wife once again. I then started to clean up a bit and pack a bit as well. The movers will be here tomorrow to pick up the stuff I'm shipping from here to Germany which isn't much. I'm sending all my gear of course, my plaque, and some clothes...that's about it. I took a break and watched some college basketball, first time I've seen a whole game in quite some time. I really miss that! In fact it got me motivated to head to the gym and I arrived before the rush.

After the gym and showering, I headed to the barber shop and got my haircut so I'll be nice and bald when my wife comes tomorrow night. I then put together everything I will not be taking with me or shipping and took it to PV2 Charlie's room. I figured he could make some use of it (plastic-ware, paper plates and bowls, noodles, rice, etc). I'm going to give him a couple more things tomorrow as well.

The rest of the night was the usual…watched some TV shows and then called it a night.

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