Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Negative on the FireWire - (Korea) Day 351

A picture we took yesterday with some folks from our office and
our old KATUSA before he left.

Work call this morning was 0800. We had to setup for a meeting in the secret conference room. This process took forever because we had to actually stay until the meeting started and it was pushed back. Finally got out of there around 0945 and I left to get some things checked off my list before out-processing. I headed to the company and dropped off my new leave form that only has 30 days for my COT and no additional leave. I then headed to battalion and picked up my out-processing papers. These papers contain a checklist of places I need to go and have them sign off on it. I will also need to go tomorrow to 1RC and pick up my installation clearing papers so I can have another checklist of even more places to go and have folks sign off on it.

The next stop was the travel office. I had to have my plane tickets changed to an earlier arrival date in Germany because of my shortened leave. That turned out to be a very easy in and out process which I was thankful for. Once back at the office I found out my NCOIC bought a thunderbolt cable which she unfortunately thought was a FireWire 800 cable. I took it and returned it at the PX for her and then grabbed a quick bite to eat before getting back to work to setup for another meeting. I then had to run another errand for our female army captain in the office. She needed me to pick up a coin from the G4 office which nobody actually knew where it was…they just pointed me in the general direction and said somewhere over there. After going into a building "over there" and asking I was finally given some good directions and I obtained the coin she was after.

Now there are some more things to get done. I went with PV2 Charlie to our battalion NBC (nuclear, biological, chemical) room so he could pick up the protective equipment he needed and I took the chance to out-process from there and turned in all my crap that they gave me when I in-processed. All of the equipment except for the gas mask has just been sitting under my bed for the entire year. One actual step closer to leaving! We split up and I took the office car and was able to cross a few more things off my list. I went to CIF and made an appointment to turn in all my other issued items. Next was transportation to make an appointment. This will be for them to pick up everything I need transported from Korea to Germany as well as from my hometown to Germany. Finally I headed to The Dragon Hill Lodge to change my reservations for when my wife comes to visit next week.

Back at the office we cleaned up the conference room and the office and then had a meeting with our NCOIC. After everyone except Special K and I failed the diagnostic PT test we had been getting out early for the most part which gave us time to go to the gym. Now SPC Mick took a real PT test and failed. I'm pretty sure he ran an extra lap, but anyway he failed a portion of the test. Now they are going to have to start attending company PT which will suck for them. I say for them, because I'm not included now that I'm out-processing. I hate getting up so early and exercising. I think I get so much more out of a workout when it's in the afternoon or after work. I'm sure I'll be back to the normal morning army PT when I get to Germany though.

Still on our quest to find a FireWire 800 cable PV2 Charlie and I headed to Myeong-dong where there is the closest thing to an Apple Store in Seoul. Even they did not have the cable. It's so hard to believe that I'm having so much trouble finding a stupid cable. On the way back we thought we would get out two stops early looking for another place to get the cable and eat. We were both thinking the IPark Mall was close to that subway stop, but ended up almost getting lost in the process. We must have walked miles and wasted a couple hours wandering around. I was getting frustrated and hungry, so we gave up and headed back to Yongsan and ate at the food court…cable-less.

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