Thursday, November 24, 2011

In The Dragon - (Korea) Day 359

Woke up today at 0640 to give myself time to get ready and to gather everything together that I needed to ship. My roommate was supposed to have PT and be up, but because of the rain it was cancelled, so I worked via my desktop lamp. I was able to take everything I wanted to ship and place it on my bed. Once that was done I started to clean up a little until the movers arrived at 0800. When they arrived I turned on the lights and they came in, waking up my roommate LOL. Once I told them what to pack the three of them brought in a box and within minutes had everything packed and had me signing some documents, then they were gone. I was surprised how efficient they were.

Now with my stuff packed and gone I started cleaning my room in earnest. I also started to pack my luggage and realized rather quickly that I should have shipped more stuff! I didn't realize how much stuff I had until I started laying it all out to pack. I also put aside quite a bit of stuff to give to PV2 Charlie in order to lighten my load and of course help him out. Once I had my luggage packed I continued to thoroughly clean my room.

I headed to the office and donated my remaining coffee and splenda as well as my DVD-Rs to the staff. I grabbed the office car and returned to my room, then loaded the car with all my luggage. I then continued to clean before my final room inspection at 1400. I ate a quick lunch and then of course kept cleaning. The inspector came and checked every little thing which I was prepared for, but it kind of surprised me because I know he didn't check anything when my old roommate cleared (he didn't even clean any of the common areas such as the bathroom, refrigerator, or microwave). No worries though because I passed and he signed off my room after collecting my key.

I headed to the housing office and was able to out-process from them which was my last item on the installation checklist. I then drove to The Dragon Hill Lodge and checked in and took all my luggage up to my room. I still need to slim down a bit because I couldn't fit everything in my current luggage. Next stop was battalion S1 where I out-processed. I returned the car to the office and picked up some wine my ROK co-workers gave each of us for Thanksgiving. I walked to The Dragon Hill Lodge and relaxed in my room until SPC Roy was off of work. He picked me up and we headed to the airport to pick up my wife.

Seeing my wife after all this time was just awesome. I'm so excited to have her here for a little vacation and to spend Thanksgiving with me. She was hungry so SPC Roy picked a little hole in the wall Korean restaurant near post to eat and we all had some great food for a late dinner. Kind of nice for my wife to experience Korean food right away.

We then headed back to the room and did things grown ups do. So great to have my wife back!!!!


Congrats again on making it through this year.  Have a happy thanksgiving!  I look forward to more reading after your leave.

Saturday, November 26, 2011 - 12:55 AM

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