Monday, November 14, 2011

Questioning COT - (Korea) Day 350

Our old KATUSA in the old ROK army uniform during his ETS ceremony

Work call this morning was at 0830, but I ended up getting a call and had to go in at 0730. Our new KATUSA was supposed to be there, but never showed up and wasn't answering his phone. I left and when I arrived he was there, so I ended up going in early for nothing. I checked my email and printed out some copies of my orders. I also got one thing checked off my PCS checklist, I called lodging in Osan and reserved a room for the night before I take off for me and my wife.

We then setup for a KUB and afterwards I took our colonel up to the help desk that deals with all the secure systems so he could change his password. We then all headed to an ETS ceremony for all the KATUSAs that are finishing their mandatory service in the Korean army. Our old KATUSA was in it as well as my roommate. I've never seen so many smiles on KATUSA’s faces before! Once that was finished we all went to lunch at the R&R bar and grill here on post. It was a farewell lunch for me, our KATUSA, and our army major in the office. It was pretty cool because not only did our colonel buy my lunch, I also received a nice plaque as well as a certificate of achievement from our ROK sister office along with a business card holder. A very nice gesture from them for sure. I was also told that my award was not ready yet, so I am not getting it yet. The way things work it really would not surprise me if I did not receive it before I leave, but I'm just being a little pessimistic.

My goal after lunch was to get the rest of my checklist done today. I headed off to MedPros to get a PPD shot that is required before I can leave Korea. While I was there I also had my hearing tested. I knew before I tried to clear MedPros I would have to do that so I just got it done. When I finished I got a call from my NCOIC and I had to head back to the office to figure out some issues with my leave. When I got back there was a lot of confusion over my COT (continuing overseas tour) entitlements. I was told that I get 30 days of leave that is not charged as personal leave. The packet I turned in had my 30 days of COT plus a week or so more. For a bit I was told I could only take leave I've accrued and COT is not free leave as I thought, then my NCOIC looked up the regulation and found out as I thought that it is indeed free. The company then said I cannot take consecutive leave after my COT, I can only do one or the other. So it turns out I will only get 30 days leave, but it should be free. Knowing the army this will all get screwed up anyway…I'm not sure why I'm so negative today. Anyway I was able to make a new leave form and get it signed, but by the time I had it in my hand it was almost 1700 and the company was going to close. I'll have to do that first thing tomorrow.

Well I got three things marked off my "to do" checklist, but I've added quite a few more for tomorrow. I'm hoping I can get out for a while and get some of this done. By the time I got back to my room I had a new roommate already moving in. I knew it would be quick, but I didn't think they would have a replacement within hours of my old roommate leaving. The new guy seems nice enough, but he doesn't ever lock the door when he leaves which is going to drive me nuts.

I did some schoolwork and dorked around on the Internet for a while wasting time until I thought rush hour would be over at the gym. I guess with the four day weekend everyone was trying to get a good workout because the place was still packed even at 1930. It really screws up my workout, but I was able to make do with alternative machines when they became open. After the workout I headed back to my room and watched an NCIS before calling it a night.

the wife

You need to reiterate to me again when you need to be in Korea, and I need to know when we're leaving. I started second guessing the dates after we got of the phone. Love you my love... I'm one day closer to seeing you!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011 - 02:40 PM

the wife

Crap, I meant Germany. Whoops.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011 - 02:41 PM

LOL...I'll chat with you soon :)

Tuesday, November 15, 2011 - 04:00 PM

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