Friday, November 18, 2011

Out-Processing Continued - (Korea) Day 354

This morning I continued my out-processing. I had an appointment at 0745 at CIF to turn in all my gear. I grabbed the office car and loaded all my crap into the trunk, then headed off to CIF. I arrived a bit early and since they were not busy they went ahead and processed all my stuff ahead of schedule. Surprisingly it went very well and fast too. I was in and out with my paperwork signed and the equipment off my record.

Next stop was housing, but I wasn't sure if they opened at 0800 or 0900. Just to be sure I took a nap in the car and waited until 0900 before going in. Once in I was able to schedule my room "pre-inspection" for Tuesday and the "final-inspection" on Wednesday. I now have all my appointments scheduled and headed back to the office to drop off the car. After that I headed to battalion to finish up with almost everything else on my list. Once finished I had some extra time before lunch so I took a break at the library. I read the latest edition of Army Times and then went through all my paperwork to make sure I wasn't missing anything. The only think I have left to do without an appointment is the mailroom to change my address, but it does not open until 1400.

I headed to the food court and ate a Subway sandwich before heading to my room and video chatting with my wife for a while. Turns out everything with transportation was a little too easy. I have orders that state I can ship my car, but when my wife checked with the shipping company they require a lot of extra paperwork if you are still making payments on it. Our loan is through Chase and they were not very helpful to say the least. We'll look into our options once I get back in the states.

I then waited until 1400 and headed to the mailroom to finish up my last item on my checklist for the day. After that it was back to my room until about 1600 when I headed into the office to check my email and help clean up before getting a safety brief for the weekend. Our new KATUSA failed his PT test this morning, so our NCOIC said from this point on everyone who has failed will go to all morning PT sessions and also afternoon sessions. This may prove to be difficult because of the schedule, but I will not be around to see if they are able to keep to it or not.

I headed back to my room and changed, then headed out to a restaurant with a ROK soldier in our sister office. He wanted to take me out to dinner and a few drinks before I left. A really nice guy who I've had the pleasure to get to know. We'll stay in touch via Facebook and perhaps see one another again later on down the road. Because he's just a soldier in the ROK army he couldn't stay out very late, so we had to end the night early. I headed back to my room and watched an episode of Flashpoint before calling it a night.

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