Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Electronics Mart - (Korea) Day 344

Unfortunately I couldn't get my iPhone out of my pocket fast enough to take a photo
of this. While at the electronics market there were two guys in business suits
riding together in an electric wheelchair...pretty funny!

Work call this morning was at 0700. We setup for a meeting in our conference room, but the meeting ended up getting pushed back an hour. We ended up coming in early for nothing, but no big deal. I was able to check my email and get a mocha from Starbucks, then watch a little TV. I then went to an awards ceremony with our NCOIC who actually came in from leave to attend the ceremony. One of her previous soldiers actually helped save the lives of people on a white water rafting trip while off duty. I wanted to go to show my support for this young man who did a pretty brave thing all in the middle of the rapids. I'm glad he and a couple others all received awards for this.

After the ceremony I headed to the company with my NCOIC to check on the status of my orders. The company hadn't heard anything, so a specialist came with us to battalion to check it out. When we checked it out in person I heard the same thing I've heard with every email…they are still waiting. My NCOIC stressed the importance of getting the orders and they said they would send through an email with the request. I'm still not holding my breath…nothing moves fast in the army.

After that I went to my room for lunch and video chat with my wife. When I headed back to the office I met up with my NCOIC and our new KATUSA. We all headed to the electronics market which is pretty close to IPark Mall which is not too far from the post. It is basically a few big buildings that are just full of various vendors selling electronics. Our NCOIC was trying to see if she could find a place that would fix her iMac. It looked like she threw it off the roof of her building! One guy we talked to with the help of our KATUSA translating looked at her computer and said "There is no answer for that" LOL. I tried finding a FireWire 800 cable so I could transfer the data from her iMac to her laptop, but even that was hard to find. I was able to find FireWire 400 to 800, but no 800 to 800 which is a little strange. We didn't look at a lot of places, so I may head back there over the 4-day weekend.

By the time we got back it was time to leave work, so I just headed to my room and took a nap. I then watched Hawaii Five-0 and did some schoolwork before heading to the gym. I arrived there at 1930 and it was still busy. They installed new mirrors all along the wall and I guess everyone wanted to look at themselves. It's a little frustrated trying to get a good workout when all the normal equipment I  use is taken. I was able to use alternative equipment and still get a decent workout. Maybe if I go late next time I'll start at 2000.

When I got back I watched an episode of Chuck before turning in.

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