Monday, February 28, 2011

Operation Key Resolve - (Korea) Day 90

Some Korean police near the gate at CP Tango. They were there because of a
protest earlier. I never saw the protesters, but heard there were about 30 of them.
I guess they left these two cops just in case they came back.

This morning the alarm came way too early. I had to set it at 0315 to give me enough time to get ready and to the office by 0400. I got ready and grabbed a couple pop tarts to take with me for breakfast. The augmentees started to arrive and PMCSing their vans. We all have to wear full battle rattle for the exercise, since we have to come to the office each day me and SPC Roy just leave our gear in the office and throw it all on when we get there. When inside CP Tango we only have to keep the gas masks on unless we go outside of the bunker (the mountain). So the smokers have to put on all the gear just to go outside and have a smoke.

The admin sergeant grabbed me and told me I'd be working with her for the most part during this exercise. On paper I'm the IMO for the day shift on this exercise. When we arrived I setup all the laptops and was also able to answer a couple computer questions throughout the shift. The first time I actually did anything remotely close to 25B work…lol. I also had to help SPC Roy setup for a couple of meetings in the conference room. This place is crazy…just like you would picture in a James Bond spy movie. It's all top secret and all underground under a mountain…well it's really just a big hill. Even though it's top secret I was surprised how much info you can find on it just by looking up CP Tango in Wikipedia.

The rest of the day consisted of hanging out in the little IMO office with the admin sergeant. She had a lot of words of wisdom to give me. She's a master sergeant who is about to retire, and chose not to become a sergeant major because of family reasons. A very interesting lady, but with a thick accent. I have to really pay attention to her when she's talking to me or else I have no idea what she's saying.

We had one of the vans drive us to K-16 for lunch and by the time we got back the night shift was arriving to relieve us. We cleaned up the office and then headed out. Both SPC Roy and I fell asleep on the trip back to the office. We were both tired…and SPC Roy was even a little cranky all day. Let's hope tomorrow goes better for him, I think he may be a little jealous that I'm hanging in the IMO office with a laptop. It gets really boring there and all you can do is sit around and read a lot of the time. Only the officers have laptops, so I was lucky to have access to one.

I got back fairly early, but I was so tired I didn't want to do much. I did my required schoolwork, and had a short video chat with my wife. I then just laid back and watched TV shows. I plan on working out the rest of the week after getting off my shift. We'll see how that goes.

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