Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Lost in the Shuffle - (Korea) Day 64

A random photo outside of my barracks. 
The smoking area (the smoke pit) has a Korean theme to it.

I got up for PT this morning. Nobody could tell me where we were forming up at once again, so I had to guess. I got up at 0500 and got ready giving me plenty of time to shave and get dressed, then figure out where formation was going to be. When I looked outside the barracks I saw a car idling, this made me think that the formation would be outside the barracks. There are usually about 4 or 5 cars that arrive to the formation (I think they are sergeants who drive from off post or something). I waited inside the barracks for a while until I had to go out in the cold and form up. We formed up and because of the Korean holiday for lunar new year all the KATUSAs (and ROK army) have most of the week off. They make up about 95% of our formation. After we formed up, the sergeant in charge dismissed us and said we could do our own PT. I went to my room and took a nice long hot shower. I could have slept in, there wasn't even anyone from my office there.

Work call this morning was at 0800. I had to flip slides and such for the meeting. After it was over we cleaned up and that was all that was on the schedule for the day. I was able to finish a SkillPort and some schoolwork. I also spent a long time with my sergeant at our company. Paperwork had been turned in back in December to get me on separate rations so meal deductions wouldn't be taken out of my paycheck. Because of our schedules we can't make it to the DFAC a lot of times. What a mess! It took the HR worker at the front desk (who was actually very helpful) a lot of research and phone calls to finance to see what was going on. Turns out everything was approved and sent to finance, but they sent it back to the wrong company…and there it sat, and would have sat forever I guess. The whole while I still get meals deducted from my paycheck for the DFAC that I don't use. It's almost $300, so I wanted to get this taken care of. I'll find out more tomorrow on the status of it, I can't believe what a mess this place is with paperwork. One the plus side I have copies now of all my paperwork, so the process should get put through soon. I've learned when you find something wrong with your financials or your paperwork, it's up to you to follow through and keep after it until it gets resolved. (I did check on this last month when I saw it taken out of my paycheck, but was told it should be fixed by the next paycheck…things don't fix themselves I guess)

Had to go to a CQ briefing at the company. I have CQ this Friday. I’m not too excited about that. I have a 24 hour shift starting at 0900 on Friday morning until 0900 the following Saturday. We were basically told to make sure we are at the CQ desk and to keep the place clean. Shouldn’t be too hard since all the KATUSAs are gone for the holiday.

After work I came back to the barracks and video chatted with my wife for a bit, then watched some shows. I was so tired I kept falling asleep in my chair. I hope it doesn't ruin my sleep tonight.

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