Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A Day of Promotions - (Korea) Day 63

A photo outside our battalion headquarters (where I took Korean drivers ed)
Superman may visit here a lot

This morning work call was at 0700. We actually didn't need to come in so early because we completed most of the setup last night, but it worked out OK because I was able to get some stuff done on the computer since I hadn't been in the office too much for the last week. I was able to finish a couple SkillPorts while waiting for the next meeting.

I got an email stating that I will have CQ this weekend…crap! It's a four day weekend, but not for me…I'll be spending one of them guarding a hall again. I'm having flashbacks to AIT. I have to go to a brief tomorrow at 1500 to find out more about it. I also have to give the Korean drivers ed instructor a call tomorrow to find out when my test is. He told me earlier that it will either be Thursday or next Tuesday. I also got an email back from HRC (Human Resources Command). I had tried calling them, but also sent an email just for the heck of it. These are the folks that will put you in your next assignment. I wasn't too happy. The entire reply stated that I will be placed depending on the needs of the army. The requests I sent are for openings that are available when I'm done here, to me that sounds like the needs of the army!! So they're saying everything I've heard so far about me going to Korea unaccompanied and having preference for my next post is all BS. I think they are just lazy and don't want to do any extra paperwork. I have found that a lot in the army, there are a number of people that are just plain lazy. They don't do anything unless they absolutely have to. I had thought this whole time that it has to be too good to be true to pick your next assignment. I'm a little depressed right now about that. My sergeant says I should still call, I may get someone who actually gives a damn. He also said because I'm just a PFC they may not think twice about blowing me off.

A little before lunch we setup for a promotion ceremony that involved one of our captains in our office. He was being promoted to major. I'm not sure if this is tradition in the entire army or just here, but he bought all the food and drinks for the reception afterwards. It was a pretty good spread too, I had a nice lunch. After the reception we had to clean up everything. By the time we finished it was time for another promotion ceremony. This one had our general giving the speech and promotion. It was for some chief warrant officer going from 3 to 4. It turned out to be after 1700 by the time they were done. We were able to eat dinner there though before we cleaned up after them.

Today seemed like a very long day. I came in early and never left the place until about 1800. The good news is that when I got back to my barracks the internet was back on and running. Woohoo! I feel connected again :)

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