Tuesday, February 15, 2011

It’s All About the Privileges - (Korea) Day 77

After lunch we stopped by a coffee shop with this sign in it.
Men stand and women squat when using their toilets please.

Work call this morning was at 0730 to setup for a good sized meeting in the morning, followed by another meeting right afterwards. After the second meeting though we were clear for the day. The rest of the day consisted of SkillPorts and other office paperwork. I received a reply back about the training I'm trying to go to. They said I can't go because I have to finish a certain set of SkillPorts as well as have elevated privileges for the computers and network. I knew about the SkillPorts and actually started that section, but the privileges I had to check on. I know they put in the paperwork to make me the assistant IMO, so I can help out with computer work when I have time. I found out that will give me the elevated privileges that are needed. So I think I have all the prerequisites down to take the course. I replied back to them, so I guess I'll find out soon.

For lunch we went to a great Vietnamese/Thai place to eat which was very good. Special K paid for everyone and then SPC Roy met up with his realtor and gave her a huge wad of cash to pay for his first month rent & security deposit..etc for his new place. I was really surprised that it was all done in cash. I don't think you would ever see anything like that in the states unless you were doing some shady business deals.

I started a new class today online and it looks like a lot of reading and a lot more paper writing. I have to finish this new set of SkillPorts, and I was just sent an email that it's time to renew my Macintosh Certified Technician certificate. I'm going to be a busy guy this month!

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