Thursday, February 10, 2011

Licensed to Drive - (Korea) Day 72

Work call this morning was at 0345 for an early meeting that we had to setup for. After we had it all setup and had everything prepared for the next meeting we went back to the barracks where I was able to lay back down for about an hour before going back to work. We spent the rest of the morning preparing for the rest of the days meetings. I left and went to battalion for a Korean drivers ed pre-test at 0800. We spent a little time reviewing and then took the test, which I scored a 100% on…it's pretty easy stuff. We were then told to study and come back to the testing building at 1300 to take the real test (which is the exact same test as our pre-test). I went back to work and helped out. This week has been extremely busy because of the upcoming training exercise, there are more meetings than ever and everyone is getting worn out.

We had to get in our full battle rattle and form up outside for an inspection. Our sergeant checked to make sure we had everything including our weapons card, ID, and dog tags. Our KATUSA forgot his dog tags and was rewarded with some push-ups by our sergeant. He also did not have cat eyes for his helmet, but that was not his fault because KATUSA were not issued them. After the inspection our KATUSA, SPC Roy and I took our TMP van that our office signed out and went to get it cleaned up. There is a place on post that we can wash the cars and vacuum them out without being charged. The normal place we went had all the hoses frozen, so we had to go where the buses are washed and use those hoses. We cleaned it inside and out until it sparkled all because we'll be picking up the general tomorrow at the helicopter pad and transporting him into the bunker. Everything has to be perfect.

I then ate a quick lunch and went to take my real Korean drivers test. I passed without even having to think, but surprisingly 3 people failed! How can you fail a test that you have taken already and have all the answers to for a week before the test? I don't understand. I thought we would be through after that, but we also had to take a number of other tests as well. We had to take a color blindness test, an eye test and a reaction time test. The reaction time test had us use a little machine in the room that had a gas peddle and a brake peddle. The instructor would show a green light and when the red light came on we had to press on the brake as fast as possible to simulate an emergency stop. You basically can't fail this because if you don't score high enough the instructor has you keep trying until you pass.

On the way back I called my wife to let her know it's going to be another long day and there would be no video chat tonight. Yesterday I didn't get to video chat and today I will not be able to either which really sucks. I have had no time to do much of anything besides work. When I got back we had to take another van out and get it cleaned just like the first one. We will be heading out tomorrow to Tango for some meetings and we'll be taking both vans.

When we got back me and SPC Roy headed to the PX. I went to the clothing store to pick up some rank patches (I bought some yesterday, but when I opened them I found they were the sew on kind and not the velcro kind….grrrrr). I also bought our KATUSA the cat eyes he was missing and had them sew on his name and blood type. I did my good deed for the day.

There has been network issues on post all day. Nobody has been able to use email or get to hardly any websites. Strangely people can get to Google, but not much else, so there has been a lot of frustration throughout the staff. I'm sure the 25B people who are actually doing computer work are busy now too!

We wrapped up the day at work by cleaning up from the last meeting of the day and I left around 1930 close to the same time as yesterday, but because we came in earlier it was an even longer day. You can tell the lack of sleep and the long days are already wearing on the staff. I bought me and SPC Roy a big monster energy drink earlier in the day and for a while we were both feeling like we were on speed, then when it wore off we both were dragging. We get to do it all over again tomorrow as work call is again a very early 0345! At least it's Friday, I'm going to sleep in late on Saturday morning.

The night consisted of doing the minimum amount for my schoolwork, checking Facebook, and writing this. Now I'm going to crash and take a nap before I start all over again tomorrow.

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