Sunday, February 27, 2011

Weekend Wrap-Up - (Korea) Days 88 & 89

KFC (Korean Fried Chicken) with some spicy ramen and a little rice on the side -
a meal out with the young hawaiian before he had go on the exercise.

Saturday: So nice to sleep in after a long week of waking up early and working long days. After waking up I did my normal Saturday thing (laundry and clean the room). I did some schoolwork and studied a little for my Apple re-certification exam coming up. I then watched some TV shows and took it easy. I really didn't feel like doing much except have a lazy day. I video chatted with my wife and then SPC Roy called me. He said we needed to do a little work (load the van for tomorrow's run to CP Tango). Since we were going to do official work I had to get in uniform, but I chose my PT uniform since it is quite a bit more comfortable. SPC Roy asked if I wanted to get a haircut and since I was already planning on getting one this weekend I said sure. We went to his favorite barber shop on post…and now I know why. I got my haircut and they throw in a little shoulder massage with it. Very cool! SPC Roy's cut took about 5 times longer than mine though…maybe 10 times longer. Not only did he get the haircut and massage, but he got his nails cut and I think every other service they offer there. It actually took so long we ended up not even going to the office to load the van…lol. We'll do that tomorrow, just a little earlier than planned.

I then got a call from the young hawaiian who was wondering if I wanted to go out and eat. He had to start the exercise early on Sunday and would not be able to have a nice meal for two weeks. We went to a Korean Fried Chicken place that was awesome! A nice way for him to end his weekend.

Sunday: I woke up around 0930 and ate my breakfast with coffee while video chatting with my wife and kiddos. I then did some homework before getting in my uniform, but before heading to work I went to another barracks to watch the UFC fight. I just had to leave right afterward unfortunately. SPC Roy picked me up in one of the TMP vans and we loaded it with all the supplies for CP Tango. Our sergeant then showed up and we went to the armory and loaded the weapons rack in the van as well. Since we take a weapons rack full of our weapons out to CP Tango, we don't have to carry one around constantly which is nice. We actually took two vans and I drove one behind SPC Roy. This time there were no incidents or close calls, just a smooth ride amongst all the crazy Korean drivers.

When we arrived at CP Tango we had to wait outside the tunnel for about a half hour because they decided to conduct a fire drill right as we arrived. All I want to do is unload all this crap and get back to my room so I can sleep a little before work that is going to come very early tomorrow morning. We finally were able to unload everything as well as a couple of passengers to work the night shift and guard the weapons rack. One guy was from the ROK side of the office and the other was an augmentee NCO. When he was told all he has to do is sit in the office and guard the weapons rack he was in a little bit of disbelief. "That's all I have to do?"

I got back to my room a little after 2130 and headed straight to bed. I have to get up at 0300 tomorrow for the beginning of the exercise.

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