Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Weapons Card - (Korea) Day 70

Just a random photo of the vending machine in our barracks.
I thought the tall skinny cans were funny looking.

Work call this morning was an early one at 0630. I got up and got ready quietly trying not to wake my roommate as always. We had to setup for an early meeting and I ended up being the "slide flipper". I had to sit in the control room and go to the next slide anytime they said "next slide". It's pretty easy, but you can't let yourself daydream or have your mind wander off because you have generals in the other room who would not be pleased if you don't flip their slides. I was on top of my game though…I flipped those slides like a seasoned veteran.

After the meeting we cleaned up and went to the other conference room to setup for another meeting, then I went to lunch. After lunch I had to get my "weapons card". I guess they made me one when I in-processed, but I never picked it up. So I now have it and I have to keep it on me at all times. Another one of those little inspectable items that are now part of your uniform. I should carry a special wallet (I wonder if they sell digital ACU man purses) just to put all that crap in. Not sure exactly what a weapons card is for, but I know I need it before our training exercise which is coming up.

After that it was time for some schoolwork, SkillPorts and hanging in the control room watching the news until the last meeting was over. It lasted until 17:30, so it turned out to be a long day. We were told we have to wear our full battle rattle tomorrow as part of a "weapons check" to make sure we are all ready for the training exercise. I haven't even looked at mine since it was all assigned to me at CIF. I took it all out and I'm not really sure what exactly we need to bring, so I'm going to bring a bunch of extra crap that I don't need I'm sure. I also have to figure out how to get everything hooked together. Some of the stuff I remember from basic, but there are additions to our body armor like a neck protector and….LOL…a groin protector. You don't want to get shot there!

The rest of the night consisted of video chatting with my wife, who is just a wonderful woman. (got my valentines day box in the mail today). I know it was so late for her 1AM - 2AM, but it was awesome to be able to see her and talk to her before I wound my day down and watched some shows.

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