Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Case of the Missing Cell Phone - (Korea) Day 37

This crest is everywhere in the office I work. It's on the
napkins, the coasters, the podium, and a lot of times
we have it on the screen during meetings.

This morning was a little busy with a meeting in the "top secret" conference room. We got that all setup and then we found out there was an unplanned meeting that needed to be taken care of asap. On our way back into the main building SPC Short manually walked through the security gate instead of using his badge to scan and allow him through. There happened to be a sergeant who was in charge of the guards. He chewed out SPC Short and asked him where his badge was and he also chewed out his guard for not checking for his ID when we came in. The problem was that SPC had his hands full and couldn't get to his badge. So he had to put everything down and produce his badge so the sergeant could inspect it. Once that was done we were allowed to proceed.

Later on in the day I setup for another conference in our main conference room and then did some SkillPort on the PC in there. SPC Short came up and we ended up having quite a long and interesting conversation about the state of affairs in the U.S. He left and I continued SkillPorts. A while later he came up again and asked why I wasn't answering my phone. Oh Crap! My phone was not in my pocket. I had to think where the heck I left it. I then remembered way back first thing this morning where I left it. When we setup in the "top secret" conference room, we are not allowed to bring in cell phones. I left mine in the cell phone holder in the guard room in the building across the street and it's been there all day! So I quickly made my way over and grabbed my phone. I'm sure it happens a lot, but it sucks that it was me this time.

SPC Short ended up hanging out with me after work where we had a much more expanded conversation on everything from the army to the American economy. It was pretty cool hanging out, it sucks that he'll be leaving in a few weeks.

Tonight's movie was "Sex Drive". I had actually seen it before, but this version was the "unrated version" which meant a lot more…how do I put this….boobies and cocks. They just threw in random nude people walking around throughout the entire movie. Pretty strange. The movie is about a kid who has a girl he loves, but they are "just friends". He goes on a road trip to meet up with a chick he met online. The road trip is full of laughs and it turns out to be a pretty funny movie. I think I'm going to have to take a break on the comedy shows for a bit now though and watch some blood and guts. I need some good action flicks for a change of pace.

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