Thursday, January 20, 2011

I Will Not Quit My Post - (Korea) Day 51

A photo of the Korean Air Force Academy being addressed by General Sharp.
This is one of our bigger conference rooms. (The original photo can be found
on the USFK's Flickr site:

Work call this morning was 0730, but I couldn't remember if it was 0700 or 0730, so to be safe I showed up a little before 0700. I had some notes to update and my Security+ certificate to print out so it worked out. We only have one computer in the main office that the four of us share, so getting time on it can be challenging some times.

After setting up for a morning meeting I updated the CEC spreadsheet. This is the sheet where I look at 4 different calendars and try and guess what we need to prepare for in the future. This was the first time doing it on my own and it took me a long time. When I finished I had our sergeant major look it over. He gave it to me later with a number of corrections. I also had questions about why things are the way they are. It will take some practice working on this before I feel comfortable doing it. It's a daily occurrence though so I guess it shouldn't take too long.

Our sergeant took me, SPC Roy & Special K to some training that was going on at the movie theatre. It was all about the new promotion point system. It was mainly for NCOs and how they need to let their younger soldiers know what to expect and what is changing. I like that our sergeant brought us all there so we could just go through it all and hear it straight from the speaker. SkillPorts are an important way to build up your promotion points and I'm really glad we are offered the time to do them while at work.

We setup for another big meeting and then also for a photo opp in front of our building. The Korean Air Force Academy cadets were coming to get their picture taken with the general. We had to duct tape names down on the ground so everyone would know where to stand. By the time we were done I couldn't feel my fingers…it's so flippin' cold here. When we finished we took off and had a little Mexican for lunch. We are very limited on the Mexican food available, this place is just OK by the standards I've been used to. Since it's all we got it's still pretty good I guess.

When we came back we cleaned up the conference room and then got called into our sergeant's office. I guess Special K has been asked to do something a number of times by an officer in our department. He was supposed to paint over a name in the parking lot. Because of weather and supplies it's been put off for months. He got in trouble because he didn't communicate the problems with anyone. Since he was in trouble, we all had to do some corrective training with him. We got to march out in front of our building and do some push-ups, then do some marching around the field. Luckily I brought my gloves out with me…nobody else thought of doing that. They came in handy while doing those push-ups in the snow…lol

Near the end of the day I was asked by a sergeant in our sister department (admin) to look over some technical specs. What's this? I'm going to actually do some 25B work? There were 10 laptops being ordered and the process is incredibly long. I guess the sergeant who has been working on it has been doing so for months. They had a number of quotes with comparable systems to the ones requested. I gave them my input after looking them all over and doing a bit of research online. The sergeant was grateful and I was glad I could help out. When I got back to the office I sat down at the computer and was updating some of my notes, then all of a sudden my cell phone rang. It was SPC Roy asking where I was. I said "I'm at work on the computer". He asked why I wasn't at the gym for PT and I told him nobody said I could leave…then said "I will not quit my post until properly relieved". He told me to shut up and get down there. I got there, changed and we started playing basketball only to find that after about 3 minutes we had to vacate the court…it was Zumba time.

Went back to the barracks, did a little video chatting and a little school. Now it's time to get a little sleep.

The photo opportunity for the air force cadets. You can see
the steps they were on and the ground in front is where we had to 
duct tape down all the name tags, then rip them up once everyone 
was in place. (The original photo can be found at USFK's Flickr site:

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