Monday, January 10, 2011

Fat Boy PT - (Korea) Day 41

A random photo of the flags in my conference room. They are usually
on the side of the room, but depending on the ceremony we will
move them to the front of the room

This morning work call was at 0800 because of an early meeting. We had a couple of meetings to setup for in the morning and that was about it for the day. I worked on a little SkillPort after that. What is nice now is that when you finish a SkillPort lesson the hours show up on your ERB soon after you're finished. (An ERB is basically a snapshot of all your important military information).
We went to a KATUSA snack bar near our office for lunch. KATUSA snack bars are run by Koreans and sell only Korean food. I had some spicy pork with some cucumber kimchi. It was pretty good. I also learned a new phrase in Korean. Since SPC Roy is Korean he taught me some bad words…lol. Every time I said it, he would start cracking up. I will now greet my roommate when I get back with this new found information.

We had to do some mandatory training on "human trafficking". Unfortunately the website we were supposed to do the training on (JKO) was not working. I ran into similar issues when trying to do the training to come to Korea. We ended up getting all the slides and our office used the conference room and reviewed the slides on the projector as a group. We learned all about human trafficking and how we can be punished by the UCMJ if we participate in human trafficking. We then had to sign our names on a sheet that said we went through the training.

After work SPC Roy had to go to "Special Pops" PT. Special Population PT is what he calls "Fat Boy" PT. The special population that is overweight and/or cannot pass their PT test has to attend this PT. It is a bit more rigorous and tries to help the soldiers get in better shape. The rest of us just went to the gym. The problem was that nobody showed up for SPC Roy's special PT. He came to the gym and our sergeant decided to give him the special pops PT himself. We ended up having to join him as well. I got an extremely good workout on my abs! We did all kinds of exercises that I've never seen before. We did upside-down push-ups, lots of leg lifts and variations of leg lifts. We sat on the wall and suicide runs on the basketball court. I felt like I was back in basketball practice. It wore me out!

After that it was back in the room and a little video chatting with my wife before watching a few TV shows on my laptop before bed.

Keith Miller

It seems that the Army is always having problems with their websites. I just started taking a correspondence course online and it is a pain to get it started! You would think that will the pride that the Army and Signal Corps takes in their work, that they would at least have their websites work properly on a regular basis. Even has problems and broken links. Anyways, I bet I will have a head start on must the guys going to basic though.

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