Monday, January 24, 2011

Drivers Ed - (Korea) Day 55

Today was a little strange. PT was cancelled this morning because of all the snow. I had a drivers training class this morning (and all week). I saw a report on the Yongsan Facebook page that said everything on base was going to open two hours late. I checked with my sergeant and he said he didn't know if the class was going to be late, so I needed to go there at 0800 just in case. I went and sure enough they told me to come back at 1000, so I went back to my room and video chatted with my wife for a bit.

When I'm finished with this class I'll be able to drive a GOV (Government Owned Vehicle) in Korea. This isn't something I'm actually looking forward to after seeing the people drive out there. I headed down to the class and waited for everyone to arrive. Class was being held in a room at our battalion building. The sergeant started asking everyone if they've been studying and if they're ready for the test. I started to think I was really missing something, nobody gave me anything to study. Oh crap! Turns out that I was one of the new people in class. There were a few of us and the sergeant instructor told us we wouldn't be doing anything today and to just report back tomorrow at 0900. Well that is good news, I was starting to get a little worried.

I headed back to my office and ended up doing SkillPorts and school for most of the day. I helped setup for a meeting that is going on tomorrow, then we all took off about 1530. We had PT at the gym since it was cancelled this morning. Me and SPC Roy and I took on 3 ROK honor guard soldiers in a game of 3 on 2 basketball. They were not that good, but smart enough to pass the ball around until they got a good shot. We just couldn't keep up with them and ended up losing all three games we played. We had very close games, but just couldn't win. It turned out to be a great workout though, the two of us trying to keep up with the three of them.

The rest of the night was me relaxing, doing a little school work and watching some shows. I also got two boxes from my family. I'll tell you that it doesn't matter how old you get, it's always nice to get a box in the mail especially when you are far from home. I got some clothes, a warm coat (perfect for the weather here) and some other goodies. I love my family!

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