Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Day of the Raw Squid - (Korea) Day 43

My "new" chair - it may look like something that is
placed on the side of the road with a "free" sign, but it sure is comfortable!!

Work call this morning was at 8:00, the normal time for Wednesdays because of a weekly meeting. We setup for this meeting in the secret conference room. This time I logged in with my account for the first time and had all the shortcuts and customizations set. Now I'll be able to run this meeting without help in the future. I did pretty much the whole thing by myself and took notes. Starting next week I may be on my own.

Special K, SPC Roy and I all went to lunch at another KATUSA Snack Bar on post. This time I tried some spicy beef dish. It had beef of course, rice and some veggies. It was pretty good. I love going to different places to eat, and I love trying new things. Speaking of trying new things, Special K offered me some of his raw squid. I was a little hesitant at first, but I thought what the heck, how often am I going to have the chance to try this. I ate it and it wasn't too bad. It was very salty. Not something I would ever order, but I would try some again…especially if I had some rice to go with it.

When we got back to work I finally got a list of the open positions for 25B. I'm going to look it over and see what the next step is tomorrow with my sergeant once I pick one. After he gave me the list he had to attend a meeting and I covered his desk while he was out. I logged onto his computer and worked on SkillPort and waited for his phone to ring…hoping it wouldn't. I did have to answer about 3 calls for work and 3 wrong numbers. I was basically a messaging service for our boss…the colonel.

On the way out of work SPC Short told the sergeant he was going to inspect my room and our KATUSA’s room. WTF? This was just out of the blue. I had no time to clean or anything. I think he just wanted to see if my roommate had cleaned up his side of the room (which he did). Luckily I had made my bed and took out the garbage. The only thing he told me to do was straighten up my shoes and clean the floor from all the mud that he just tracked in. I couldn't believe he stood there, looked at the floor and said "this looks like shit…mop it up". With all the snow outside it gets tracked in with the dirt. I wipe it all off with a towel I keep on the floor, but he didn't and that's why it was all dirty. I'm going to have to buy a mop and a mat this weekend.

I video chatted with my wife for a bit and then made my way to SPC Short's room. He said I could have his comfortable chair since he was leaving. It's an old office chair from somewhere that used to have wheels on it. Instead of wheels it now has a bunch of tape all over the bottom. Not much to look at, but so much more comfortable than the standard chair that came with the room. My butt would fall asleep in that chair when watching shows. Now I can lean back, rest my head and not worry about my butt falling asleep. I just had to carry it from his room to mine…I called that my PT for the day.

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