Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Classroom Orientation Overload! (AIT - Fort Gordon) Day 4

I finally have access to my computer for a few days, so I thought I would give my wife a break and add some updates myself. Until she gets back home and receives some of my previous posts there may be a few days missing
Today we woke up and got ready for formation at 4:00 AM. The formations here are a joke compared to Ft. Benning. Everyone is moving around and even sitting down. The formations also just drag on and on....everyone just kind of hangs out until finally a sergeant comes out. We ended up in the one this morning for about an hour and a half. During this time someone pulled the 3rd floor fire alarm in our building, so the NCOs were trying to investigate to see why that happened.

All the new people headed out to breakfast finally. I tell you it is strange having women in our formation. At Ft. Benning there were no women. You can tell a lot of the guys change their behaviors and both the men and women flirt...even the sergeants are softer with women in the mix.

After breakfast we headed to a big classroom where all the new people met up from all the companies for an orientation. I ran into a lot of the guys from Bravo company at Ft. Benning. We then had a marathon of different people going over all kinds of stuff. We had people talk to us about health, dental, not being stupid (aka drinking and partying...especially if under age), staying focused, security (secret clearance stuff), finance and everyone's favorite...STDs. I guess they have a problem with that here LOL. They used the same scare tactics I remember having back in driver's ed to teach about the dangers of STDs. Lots of gross pictures to give everyone the shock and awe of what could happen if you get one. Like in driver's ed when they show all the photos of car wrecks and messed up people, but this was all pictures of penis and vaginas...all looking very disgusting (right before lunch...thanks a lot) After lunch we headed back for more...oh so much fun.

We went to dinner and then back to our company area where we were released for the night. Still not too excited about Ft. Gordon so far, but at least we can use our phones and a number of other privileges we never had such as eating and drinking whatever we want :)

Random Quote: "That used to be an anus" (The instructor for STDs after showing everyone a pretty gross picture of genital warts gone wild on a person's anus)

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