Thursday, June 10, 2010

Drama with 3rd Platoon (Basic Training) Day 64

These entries are from the remaining letters that Brandon has mailed to me - the next several days up until Day 62 are letters that didn’t make it to me before I left to Georgia. His writing at times can be a bit difficult to determine his words... bare with me, I do my best, especially with army terms.
This morning after getting ready for the day, I could see Alpha Company out my window doing last minute PT test. Today is their family day and they still have people that haven’t passed yet… what a horrible situation to be in.
In formation, the 3rd platoon (terminators) DS was yelling at all of them. They seem to always be getting in some sort of trouble. PFC Metal has a buddy in 3rd platoon so he got the scoop. Someone in his platoon stole a guys cell phone from CQ desk and took it to their bay. The guy at the CQ desk reported it and then DS on duty went up at midnight and got them all out of bed, then took them all down stairs to the CTA. They were going to bring in the MPs and do a locker search, but one of the guys said they saw a cell phone up there and knew where it was (without claiming responsibility). Their DS this morning was threatening article 15 and saying someone would definitely not graduate & used the dreaded “recycle” word. What a dumb ass to something so stupid… so close to graduation.
We did our basic PT (stretches and a few push-ups & sit-ups) and then did 30/60s, which got a good sweat going. After breakfast we started cleaning our rifles yet again. It amazes me how dirty these things can get. Since we are turning them back in, they have to be spotless. 
Alpha company started their Family Day ceremony. Half of our bay has windows that overlook Alpha Company. So everyone was very interested in seeing what was going on and also checking out to see if there were any hot chicks. When you have a bunch of young guys who haven’t been near a female in weeks they can get pretty excited over the prospect of seeing a woman. Our DS had to tell everyone to get away from the window. LOL!
We cleaned weapons non-stop until lunch. After lunch we started cleaning weapons again until about 16:30. At that time we had a company formation. The senior DS of the company then told everyone they were going to do a survey soon. He said it’s to make the next cycle better and the DSs do not see them… only company commander will see them. He also went on to tell us all to behave like soldiers on family and graduation day when we are out of town.
Later we found out that we are going back to reception tomorrow to exchange any damaged or worn uniforms. We were told that this was our one and only chance this will happen in our army career, unless you get blood stains while deployed in Iraq or Afghanistan. I have grass stains & dirt stains on some of mine so hopefully they will take them. We’ll see.
Before our cool DS left he gave us our cell phones, which was very awesome surprise. We also found out the guy in 3rd platoon who got in trouble with the cell phone is most likely going to get an article 15 and a day 1 restart in another company. That has to be the worst punishment possible!
Random DS Quote:  “It’s like when you fuck your sister… it doesn’t feel right at first, but after a while it seems normal.” (I heard this from a DS talking to a private in front of me at the salad bar. I have no idea what the heck he was talking about, but when I heard it I was like WTF????

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